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Twitter employees laid off get early win over Musk

Image source: Tech Crunch

Twitter: A group of former Twitter employees who are suing Elon Musk achieved an early victory on Wednesday.

A judge commanded the social media business to inform the fired workers about the litigation proceeding.

Before being asked to sign a severance agreement that contains a release of legal claims, doing this guarantees that employees are kept informed.

The lawsuit

After Elon Musk took over the company last month, Twitter let go of thousands of its employees.

After purchasing the business, several former employees claimed that Musk had broken his pledge to permit remote work and offer reliable severance compensation.

Class-action status is sought in the case.

Additionally, it claims that the business did not provide at least one recently laid-off employee enough notice.

Both California and federal laws demand the notice.

The worker wasn’t given a salary in place of the notice, either.

The order

On Wednesday, the motion was approved by the judge, Hames Donato.

Twitter’s interactions with employees “should not be rendered misleading by omitting material information about a pending lawsuit,” the California district court judge presiding over the matter ruled.

The order is the first sign that the court understands the employee’s position.

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The layoffs

Twitter and Elon Musk laid off thousands of workers starting in November.

The decision was made as part of a cost-cutting strategy.

Employees began posting that they were locked out of their work email accounts the evening before the layoffs occurred.

Some people used blue hearts and the salute emoji to express that they were leaving the company.

By dawn, numerous departments of Twitter employees announced that they had been fired.

The following departments are among those impacted:

  • Ethical AI
  • Marketing and communication
  • Search
  • Public policy
  • Wellness

Members were also lost from the curation team, which promotes reliable content on Twitter about subjects like elections.

An individual claimed to have been remotely logged out and removed from Slack.

Many people shared that they lost access hours before hearing Musk dismissed them.

Furthermore, the emails they received didn’t provide any information about the layoff.

Some people, though, felt relieved to be fired.


Elon Musk appeared at an investor conference in early November, attending a cordial interview as Twitter employees disclosed their layoffs.

Musk didn’t respond to the interviewer’s claim that he fired half the company’s employees; he only nodded.

The Tesla CEO then justified the layoffs by claiming they were necessary since the business, like other social networking companies, had had “revenue issues” before his acquisition.

As recessionary anxieties persisted throughout the year, advertisers were reconsidering their spending.

The cuts

Twitter employed over 7,500 people before the Musk acquisition, meaning 3,700 people were let go.

After incurring enormous debt to fund the $44 billion acquisition, Twitter made the adjustments to strengthen its bottom line.

The email informing staff of their status is as follows:

“If your employment is not impacted, you will receive a notification via your Twitter email.”

“If your employment is impacted, you will receive a notification with next steps via your personal email.”

Additionally, it stated that all credential access would be suspended, and the company’s offices would be temporarily closed to safeguard the security of Twitter’s personnel and systems.

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Other lawsuits

Shannon Liss-Riordan is bringing the lawsuit against Twitter on behalf of the former workers.

In a statement, she said that the order is a straightforward but essential move that gives employees a chance to understand their rights rather than giving away money they are entitled as a result of Musk’s coercion.

Liss-Riordan brought four lawsuits on behalf of the former workers, this one being one of them.

Complaints of alleged discrimination based on gender and disability are included in further lawsuits.

Another is on behalf of contractors who worked for Twitter but were let go.

The former workers are currently suing the corporation for alleged violations of the federal and California WARN Acts, which demand early notification of mass layoffs and unspecified monetary damages.

Engineer Emmanuel Cornet, one of those removed from Twitter, stated in a news conference last week:

“It seems like the layoffs have been done in a way that’s really clumsy and inhumane and potentially illegal… and this is the aftermath.”


Former employees suing Twitter over layoffs score an early victory

Elon Musk’s Twitter lays off employees across the company

“Russian Economy War” Leaves Country In “Shock”

“Russian Economy War” Leaves Country In “Shock”

  • The state of Russia’s economy is stronger than many had anticipated six months after Moscow put troops into Ukraine, but ordinary Russians are beginning to experience difficulties.
  • The economy ministry has downgraded its previous forecast of a 12% contraction this year to one of a 4,2% contraction.
  • In order to lessen the impact of inflation, President Putin has ordered a 10% increase in pensions and the minimum wage.


With rising oil export prices reducing the impact of Western sanctions, Russia’s economy has avoided the collapse many expected after Moscow launched its soldiers into Ukraine six months ago. However, difficulties are beginning to emerge for ordinary Russians.


The economy ministry now predicts a 4.2% drop after initially estimating that the Russian economy would slide by more than 12% this year, eclipsing production declines experienced following the fall of the Soviet Union and during the 1998 financial crisis.


Despite devastating Western sanctions and inflation, the Kremlin has been able to carry on President Vladimir Putin’s promise to decrease poverty and inequality because to high global oil prices. Some economists have drawn comparisons between the current situation with the COVID-19 epidemic, in which the government raised payouts for individuals who were most at risk.

There are no Signs that the Standard of Living is Declining

According to Alexei Firsov, the creator of social studies think tank Platforma, “So far, there are no indicators that the decline in living conditions might result in unrest.”


The Russian proverb that refers to the conflict between people’s realities and what state television has conditioned them to expect reads, “The living standards decrease has not reached the point when attitudes toward reality start to shift considerably and the fridge plainly begins to defeat the TV.”


In the first seven months of 2022, Russia’s current account surplus—the gap between exports and imports—more than quadrupled year over year to a record $166.6 billion as revenues increased and imports fell as a result of sanctions.


To lessen the impact of inflation, Putin has ordered 10% increases in pensions and the minimum salary, while key businesses like Sberbank, the world’s largest lender, and gas giant Gazprom, increased pay beginning in July. 


According to the Eikon database, the unemployment rate was 3.9% in June, the lowest level since the statistics department began releasing the data in 1992.


According to independent Levada Centre polls. Putin’s popularity rating increased by more than 10 percentage. Points from the start of the Ukraine campaign on February 24 to 83% in July.


Expense of living


According to the economy ministry, inflation, which skyrocketed to a 20-year high of 17.8% in April. After the rouble hit a record low versus the dollar, is now anticipated to conclude the year at 13.4%.


The rouble has now risen more than 25% this year with the aid of emergency capital controls, becoming the best-performing currency globally so far in 2022. This has assisted in taming inflation and put an end to the panic purchasing that followed the imposition of sanctions by Western nations.


While luxury products like Guinness beer. Zara clothing, and Nespresso coffee capsules have vanished from store shelves as a result of sanctions. Several Russians told Reuters they were also having trouble finding basic necessities like essential medications.


As many Western manufacturers have either stopped operating in Russia or abandoned the country completely. Some have expressed concern about a scarcity of auto components. 


Due to a shortage of components, Avtovaz. The largest automaker in Russia, has reduced output and is giving certain employees voluntary redundancy.


Prices for the goods I purchase have increased by an average of 30%. said Larisa, a 65-year-old retiree from Belgorod. A city close to the Ukrainian border, “I, as a retired person, cannot afford what is on offer.”

Prices Has Increased from 4.7% to 10.7%

Consumer prices have increased 10.7% so far this year. According to official data, compared to a 4.7% increase during the same period in 2021.


Rosstat, a statistics agency, reports price increases of 27% for toilet paper. 39% for foreign-made autos, and 41% for sanitary pads during the last year. View More


Tatiana Lazar, a 33-year-old confectioner and mother of two from Moscow, said. I’ve started to spend more, but I’ve also started to save more. I don’t truly trust that costs would go down,” the person said. “Now I limit my needs, my demands in shops and in the style of living.”


Putin has long pledged to increase real disposable income. A gauge of people’s spending power, but a study by the official polling organization. VTsIOM revealed that as of the middle of February, 64% of Russians had no savings.


Living standards may still decline, according to online initiative, which monitors consumer goods pricing, which stated. “The economy has crumbled and shortages of even essential supplies are on the horizon.”


But for many Russians, little has changed in the past six months; they continue to go abroad, purchase Western goods, lament the high cost of living, watch TV, and back Putin.


State coffers should continue to swell as energy costs are predicted to stay high. Even as nations in the European Union attempt to wean themselves off of Russian gas and oil.

Russia has declared its intention to resume its practice of adding to reserves with extra oil earnings.

“People unwind, eat, go out, and spend money exactly as they did before,” said Emil, a 33-year-old Moscow resident.


Given how they (the West) intended us to live, “I think everything has normalized, more or less. I don’t think it’ll be us experiencing the frigid winter.”


3 Guys In Brooklyn Brew The Perfect Sunday Morning Cup

Jeremy and Paul at Birch Coffee have been working everyday for the last few years to perfect their brew. Hear from them how they are able to make Sunday mornings even sweeter with coffee brewed to perfection.

Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader of Birch Coffee

  1. Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader of Birch Coffee are the guys behind the perfect Sunday morning cup.
  2. The duo began tinkering with coffee brewing about 10 years ago.
  3. They opened their first coffee shop in Brooklyn in 2012.
  4. Since then, they’ve been perfecting their craft and sharing their knowledge with others.
  5. Their coffee is now available at select cafes and online.
  6. If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with Birch Coffee.

The Perfect Sunday Morning Cup

The perfect Sunday morning cup is brewed by the guys in Brooklyn. This cup is made with a special blend of coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. The coffee is then brewed using a special method that results in a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.

The perfect Sunday morning cup is also made with milk from local dairy farms. The milk is sourced from cows that graze on grassy pastures. This gives the milk a richer flavor that enhances the flavor of the coffee.

The guys in Brooklyn take great pride in their coffee and it shows in the quality of their product. They use only the finest ingredients and carefully craft each cup to perfection. If you’re looking for the perfect cup of coffee to start your day, look no further than the guys in Brooklyn.


There are a few key ingredients that go into making the perfect Sunday morning cup of coffee. First, you need good quality coffee beans. Brooklyn Roasting Company has some great options to choose from. Second, you need filtered water. This will help to make your coffee taste less bitter. Third, you need to use the right ratio of coffee to water. Too much coffee will make your drink taste bitter, while too little will make it taste weak. Fourth, you need to brew your coffee for the right amount of time. If you brew it for too long, it will taste burnt. Fifth, you need to add the right amount of milk and sugar. Too much milk or sugar will make your coffee too sweet.

These are just a few of the key ingredients that go into making the perfect Sunday morning cup of coffee. Follow these tips and you’re sure to enjoy a delicious cup of joe.

Time and Cost

  1. Time and Cost: It takes about four minutes to brew a cup of coffee using the pour-over method. Pour-over coffee costs about $2 per cup, which is cheaper than buying coffee from a café.
  2. Convenience: The pour-over method is very convenient for making coffee at home. All you need is a filter, ground coffee, and hot water. You can make coffee in small batches, so you don’t have to make a whole pot of coffee if you don’t want to.
  3. Taste: Pour-over coffee has a rich, full flavor because all of the coffee grounds are evenly saturate with water. This results in a more flavorful cup of coffee than other brewing methods.
  4. Aesthetics: Pour-over coffee looks beautiful when it’s brew. The slow, steady stream of water creates a mesmerizing effect as it drips into the cup below.

The pour-over method is the perfect way to brew coffee for a Sunday morning cup. It’s time and cost effective, convenient, and produces a delicious cup of coffee.


There you have it — the perfect Sunday morning cup, brewed by guys in Brooklyn. We hope you enjoyed our little tour of Brooklyn and that you’ll give this coffee a try. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself making a trip to Brooklyn for a cup of joe!

Walmart Hiring 5,000 Workers To Stream Online Content

The world of retail is shifting to online. Walmart has announced they are hiring 5,000 new workers in the next year to film and produce content for their streaming service.

Walmart to Stream Online Content and Hire 5,000 Workers

It is the latest company to get into the streaming game. The retailer announced today that it will launch its own streaming service, Walmart+, later this month.

The service will offer a selection of live and on-demand Walmart-produced content, including shows about style, home improvement, and cooking, as well as kids’ programming. It will also feature content from other networks and studios, such as Discovery, ViacomCBS, and NBCUniversal.

Walmart+ will cost $98 per year or $12.95 per month, and it will include free shipping on orders of $35 or more. The service will be available in the U.S. only at launch.

In addition to launching its streaming service, Walmart is also hiring 5,000 workers to produce content for the platform. The jobs will be located at Walmart’s studios in Los Angeles and New York City.

What is the Impact of Walmart’s Decision?

Walmart’s decision to hire workers to stream online content will have a positive impact on the company.

The move will help Walmart to better compete with Amazon and other online retailers. The company has already been working to improve its online presence, and this move will help it to further boost its sales.

In addition, the move will create new jobs for people who are interested in streaming content. This will help to grow the streaming industry and provide opportunities for people who are looking for work.

Overall, Walmart’s decision to hire workers to stream online content is a positive move that will benefit the company and the economy.

Who are their Competitors?

Walmart is one of the largest employers in the United States. They are a grocery store chain with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries. Walmart employs 2.2 million people worldwide.

Walmart’s main competitors are Amazon and Target. Amazon is an online retailer that also offers streaming content through its Amazon Prime service. Target is a retail chain that offers a variety of products, including groceries.

Walmart recently announced that they are hiring workers to stream online content. This is a new initiative for the company. Their goal is to compete with Amazon and other streaming services.

Walmart is a large company with a lot of resources. They have the ability to hire workers and create content that can compete with the likes of Amazon and Target.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Streaming Online Content

Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world, and it has recently announced that it is hiring workers to stream online content. This move could help Walmart to reach a wider audience with its content. However, there are also some potential drawbacks to this new strategy.

One of the main advantages of Walmart streaming online content is that it will allow the company to reach a larger audience. More and more people are consuming content online, and by streaming its content, Walmart will be able to tap into this growing market. Additionally, streaming content online will be less expensive than producing traditional television commercials.

There are also some potential disadvantages to Walmart streaming online content. For example, the quality of the content may not be as high as that of other companies who specialize in online streaming. Additionally, there is always the risk that people will not watch the content that Walmart produces, meaning that the company’s investment could be wasted.


Walmart is one of the largest employers in the United States, and they’re always looking for new employees. If you’re interested in working for Walmart, their online content streaming department might be a good fit for you. With Walmart’s recent push into online content, they are looking for workers who can help create and stream quality content. If you have a passion for streaming and creating online content, then Walmart might be the right place for you.

Streaming Service Giant Netflix Bids Farewell to 4% of Its Workforce

Netflix’s subscriber losses have been staggering this past year, with thousands of people unsubscribing from the streaming service every few weeks, giving the company more than its share of headaches.

The company has had its fair share of ups and downs. Recently, they parted ways with 300 employees.

One month after laying off 150 employees, four% of the Netflix workforce got cut loose on Thursday.

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Netflix released a statement on Thursday to address the recent layoffs.

“Today, we sadly let go of around 300 employees,” said the company. “While we continue to invest significantly in the business, we made these adjustments so that our costs are growing in line with our slower revenue growth.”

“We are so grateful for everything they have done for Netflix and are working hard to support them through this difficult transition,” Netflix added.

Netflix has been facing an array of problems, including inflation and the Russian invasion. The company is also competing with other streaming services that have grown in popularity.

They projected an additional 2.5 million subscribers in the first quarter, but instead registered a net loss of 200k customers.

Altogether, the streaming company has an impressive subscriber base of 221.6 million people. 

Netflix’s subscriber base is predicted to lose 2 million people in the second quarter of 2022, and Netflix will announce their numbers next month.

The share price of Netflix has seen steep falls in recent years. From a high point near $508.25 per share, it is now trading at around 360-odd dollars after registering its results from last year.

Last week, fears about Netflix’s sustainability and profitability grew.

Netflix is exploring the idea of lower priced, ad-supported streaming services in an attempt to attract new subscribers. CEO Reed Hastings revealed this during their earnings call in April. 

The company has not yet added the cheap option to their service, but it’s possible that they might do so in a year or two.

Netflix is working hard to stop people from password sharing. The company has been testing different methods in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru so far.

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Despite Fuel Price Increase, Many Still Take to the Road

Fuel prices have been a major concern through the years as it steadily climbed at a ridiculous rate; but recently, the prices have soared to new heights, breaking records in the United States.

Although many Americans have felt a strain on their wallets amid economic uncertainties, millions of motorists have taken to the roads as the onset of summer is right around the corner. Despite the average cost of gasoline breaking $4.60 for the first time, more than 35 million were expected to take to the roads over Memorial day weekend, often the green light for America’s summer driving season, according to motoring group, AAA.

The number of people on the road led to a 5% increase on last year’s numbers when holidaymakers indulged in the post-pandemic freedom. Tom Kloza, global head of energy analysis at Oil Price Information Service noted that the weekend would see a significant number of people take to the roads.

“I think it’s all systems go this weekend,” he said. “There’s an attitude among the public where it’s like: ‘I deserve this’.”

The early summer rush may have people anticipating the wind in their hair, but high prices have started to take their toll on motorists. Although there is a willingness to splurge on holidays, people may be forced to cut back on day-to-day spending for commuting and social travel.

“We’re starting to see that term ‘demand destruction’ return,” said Kloza.

For the past two years, petrol prices have climbed at a rapid pace as the reopening of the US economy pushed demand to outpace supply. The Russian’s invasion in February shook crude markets, accelerating the rise in fuel cost.

The average national price of a gallon at $4.61 shows that the prices have increased by more than 50% since last year. In California, the price has even surpassed $6 a gallon. Despite the increase, diesel is even more expensive.

The price hike has forced American drivers to rethink their car usage. The average family burns through 90 gallons of petrol a month, translating to an outlay of $414 at current prices.

The rising fuel costs have also fed into rampant economy-wide inflation, creating serious problems for President Joe Biden, who has become the scapegoat for the hike by voters despite limited abilities in influencing them.

Crypto Market Crash Leaves Billionaires Dry as Ethereum Co-Founder Loses a Huge Chunk of His Wealth

Photo: Financial Express

Last month, the crypto market crashing may have instilled fear among new or inexperienced investors, but long-time investors and experts were accustomed to such events; however, the downturn proved to be heavier, losing nearly $2 trillion in value. The heavy loss affected everyone, including Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

The crypto market crash made waves in the digital space, with many announcing their losses. Billionaires were no exception, as many posted on social media about how they suffered during the steep crash due to selloffs in Terra UST and the collapse of sister token LUNA. Buterin also took to the social media platform Twitter to say he is no longer a billionaire.

On May 20, the Ethereum co-founder tweeted, “I’m not a billionaire anymore.”

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market behind Bitcoin and has been typically used to acquire Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. No one anticipated the magnitude of the crash, but the two crypto assets witnessed a massive correction in their market price.

On Sunday, the cryptocurrency traded over $2,015, currently up by 2.4%. As of the moment, it has a market cap of $243.5 billion, making up 15% of the crypto market. However, the volume trading in Ether was revealed to be down by more than 32.4% today. The last seven days saw Ether plunge by over 3%, while it fell over 33% in a month. In November last year, the cryptocurrency nosedived by nearly 59% compared to its all-time high.

On November 16, 2021, Ether hit an all-time high of $4,891.70. Fast-forward to today, and it is not even half the price level. At the time, Buterin was reported to have holdings worth $1.5 billion in Ether, but the six months that followed witnessed Ether take a steeper correction.

Other billionaires shared their opinions of the Terra sisters’ fall with Binance founder Changpeng Zhao, or CZ tweeted that he was poor again. Michael Novogratz, the founder of the crypto merchant bank Galaxy Inc, acknowledged that Terra UST and LUNA were big ideas that failed.

“There is no good news in what happened in markets or to the Terra ecosystem,” he wrote in a letter to shareholders, friends, partners, and the crypto community. “In Luna and UST alone, $40 billion of market value was destroyed in a very short amount of time. Both large and small investors saw profits and wealth vanish.”

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sued by DC Attorney General Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Photo: Bitcoin News

Data breach is taken seriously, and in Washington, D.C., Attorney Karl Racine filed a lawsuit against Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his involvement in a data breach scandal with now-defunct political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.
The attorney general alleges that Zuckerberg’s failure to oversee consumers’ data privacy played a significant role in the scandal. As a result, the political consulting firm used millions of Facebook users’ data (without their knowledge) in the 2016 election to favor Donald Trump. “Our investigation shows extensive evidence that Zuckerberg was personally involved in failures that led to the Cambridge Analytica incident,” said Racine.
The civil suit, filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, claims the Meta CEO violated the Consumer Protection Procedures Act, the District’s general consumer protection law.
“This unprecedented security breach exposed tens of millions of Americans’ personal information, and Mr. Zuckerberg’s policies enabled a multi-year effort to mislead users about the extent of Facebook’s wrongful conduct,” said the general attorney. “This lawsuit is not only warranted, but necessary, and sends a message that corporate leaders, including CEOs, will be held accountable for their actions.”
In 2018, Facebook revealed that the personal information of about 87 million users might have been “improperly shared” with Cambridge Analytica, which was affiliated with Donald Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign. Racine’s complaint reads that “this data trove included Facebook users’ ages, interests, pages they’ve liked, groups they belong to, physical locations, political affiliation, religious affiliation, relationships, and photos, as well as their full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.”
“In other words, Cambridge Analytica used the Facebook Platform –in a way that Facebook and Zuckerberg encouraged– to influence and manipulate the outcome of a United States presidential election,” continued the file.
Racine previously attempted to name the CEO personally responsible for the user data leak in a 2018 suit related to Cambridge Analytica, but the judge dismissed the case and said Racine waited too long to name Zuckerberg in the case. Earlier this year, the same court denied the attorney general’s attempt to add Zuckerberg as a defendant in the District’s original 2018 lawsuit against Facebook.
Since the suit was filed four years ago, Facebook has changed its name and rebranded as Meta to focus the company on the metaverse. However, some commentators suspect the name change was meant for Facebook to distance itself from its ongoing legal troubles.

Mlife Music Group & NASDAQ Join Forces for REimagine 2022

Normally, conferences are virtual, but now, we’re returning to the normalcy of live speaking engagements in New York City. Not only has it soared for conferences, but also for marketing organizations, particularly for conference planning. While the world drastically changes, MLIFE Records continues to expand, diversify, and develop a relatable music record company that caters to the entertainment industry and over works for their talent despite the changing globe. This Live conference is organized by TEDX Water Street and scheduled from May 3rd to May 4th, 2022.

MLife Music Group recently announced a new partnership with TedxWaterStreet. Their work embodies their innovative spirit and passion. In fact, it is the genesis of this highly anticipated partnership between MLife Music Group CEO Mike Jean and Jean-Paul Laurent, Lead Organizer and Licensee ofTEDxWaterStreet. This partnership clinches yet another community-centered endeavor between the two. Mike Jean, a prodigious NYC producer on a mission, is to change the world through music; and Jean-Paul Laurent. This Collaborative effort will bring back live music & momentous conversations to the red stages globally.

Annabel Oreste and Norman Alexander, who are signed to Mlife Records, will perform live on May 3rd inside the Ipic Theater. Kathrine Vollenweider, a newly signed international model and singer, and Erell Allier, dancer & choreographer, will also make a special appearance. The List continues to bring in the fire as American influencer and Academy Award Winner Terrence J host this year’s conference.

REimagine 2022 is a fast-paced evening program with panel discussions, performances, and media. Jean Paul Laurent, TEDX Waterstreet’s Lead Organizer and Licensee, expects all guests to celebrate varied voices, discuss the importance of overcoming life’s challenges, and use new ways of thinking to transform their adversity into good change. Confirmed speakers, such as Jack Brewer (white house appointee)   H.E. DR. Michal Mlynar (Ambassador of Slovakia to the United NationsBhavana Barholf (Global head Digital & Sales Strategy, Microsoft) Brook Pierce (Bitcoin Foundation Chairman) and Many More.  With Topics such as Human Trafficking, Media, Leadership and more. The highly anticipated Live TEDX conference is set and scheduled as an invite only VIP opening reception on May 3rd followed by the main conference event on May 4th of 2022. Nasdaq will also hold the “Bell Ringing Ceremony” On May 3rd 2022 8 A.M.


About Mlife Record label:

MLife Music Group is a company that features a talented management team, and phenomenal artists.

 About Nasdaq:

Nasdaq is a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities. Originally an acronym for “National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations“—it was a subsidiary of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), now known as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

About R&P Entertainment Agency LLC

R&P Entertainment Agency became the #1 Inter-Dimensional Agency while Mark Zuckerberg was developing the MetaVerse. R&P Entertainment agency L.L.C was founded in 2009 and is a public relations firm that builds character through a well-connected network of brands and a global interaction with the media, the public, and the entertainment industry. We are even more focused on digital marketing, collaborations, sponsorships, crisis management, casting, and taking IT to the next level after developing in “PR – Mysticism.”

Creator of the Perfect Pixie Cut, Uno Williams, Shares His Tremendous Techniques Through His Brand

A new hairstyle can be a woman’s crowning glory. It could make or break an entire look in a variety of ways. There is a delicate art when it comes to styling hair, and achieving a sleek blonde pixie cut is often a challenge for many hairstylists. It is a difficult style to pull off, but it could also produce magnificent results when done right. Fortunately, Brandon “Uno” Williams is equipped with the perfect touch to pull it off for women, and he is now teaching other hairstylists how to execute his technique.

For years, many stylists have relied on flawed approaches and poor techniques when it comes to creating this look. Additionally, it was believed that women of color wouldn’t be able to achieve platinum blond tresses as it would cause damage to their hair. As a result, many women have left salons unhappy with their results. In 2001, Uno Williams entered the hairstyling industry and noticed this pressing style issue that needed to be solved. He dedicated himself to his craft and took a couple of years to train and research new methods. 

Eventually, his efforts would bear fruit giving rise to the creation of the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, a method designed for women of color that achieves a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair while still maintaining the integrity of their tresses. “There are many stylists that do platinum pixie styles, however, sometimes those looks are unpolished. The Perfect Platinum Pixie allows for a same-day service of coloring and straightening with a sleek finish,” said Uno.

In 2020, Uno Williams started training other stylists on his patent-pending Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, allowing stylists to learn the craft and improve their careers and businesses in the long run. Today, Uno’s technique has become the premier service offered by over 250 certified specialists around the United States and in the Caribbean areas. 

“I saw a problem, found a solution, and am now sharing that information with the world,” shared Uno Williams. Through the creation of his program, he hopes to spark a revolution of collaboration within the hairstyling industry. He hopes that his work will serve as an inspiration for other stylists to share their techniques and ideas, so the industry players can grow together and help each other out.

“I want stylists to see that they too can increase their revenue by trying new things,” expressed the renowned hair stylist. “That kind of mindset can help them expand their client base as well as their prestige,” he added.

To learn more about Uno Williams and the Perfect Platinum Pixie System, make sure to check out his official website.