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Oleksandr Semeniuk: Co-owner and CEO of Crystalia Glass, Harnessing the Power of Sunlight to Illuminate American Buildings

Oleksandr Semeniuk, the founder and CEO of Crystalia Glass LLC, has a deep understanding of modern American architecture. It is the strict, clean lines, abundance of glass and metal that have inspired him to create unique designs, which have made the buildings of major cities in the United States, as well as Mexico and Canada, particularly attractive.

The innovative glass structures crafted by Oleksandr Semeniuk can be seen in prominent locations such as Madison Square Garden, the offices of companies like Banana Republic, Old Navy, Bank of America, SpaceX, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Yum Yum Donut Shops Inc., Starbucks, Nakatech, Nike, Vision Solar, The LaSalle Chicago, and Autograph Collection.

In addition to Crystalia Glass LLC, Oleksandr Semeniuk also owns CGLoft, a company specializing in the production of artistic steel doors and partitions with glass inserts that perfectly fit the aesthetics of loft-style architecture.

Based on numerous customer reviews, the glass and steel structures created by Oleksandr Semeniuk are highly functional and durable, as they are made from the highest quality materials. They not only preserve the originality of industrial buildings but also accentuate their elegance.

Who is Oleksandr Semeniuk?

Oleksandr Semeniuk is a 36-year-old entrepreneur and CEO of Crystalia Glass LLC and CGLoft LLC. He was born and raised in Ukraine. At the age of 15, he began exploring business opportunities by collecting scrap metal, distributing flyers, washing cars, and working as a gardener after school.

While in school, he pursued swimming seriously but had to end his athletic career due to a shoulder injury. He then enrolled in one of the oldest and highly prestigious universities in Ukraine, the Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University, which was founded in 1906. According to Oleksandr Semeniuk, it was there that he learned to analyze and manage financial resources.

This knowledge proved valuable as Oleksandr Semeniuk built his career in marketing and sales in Ukraine. In the United States, his determination and persistence eventually led him to establish his own companies in 2017. He personally oversees the development of new products and innovative projects in the field of architectural glazing.

While Crystalia Glass LLC, founded by Oleksandr Semeniuk, has its main office in New York, the ambitious businessman plans to open offices in Miami and Houston (Texas) by the end of 2023. He also aims to expand a wide network of dealerships in the United States and Canada.

Furthermore, Oleksandr Semeniuk intends to establish his own school, Crystalia Glass, to train specialists in glass constructions and develop Steel Partitions for streets in the United States.

Currently, Oleksandr Semeniuk’s showrooms in New York and California are open for visits during business hours. Satisfied clients, including the actress Ana de Armas, who played Paloma in the milestone James Bond film “No Time to Die,” speak highly of his work. If your dream involves glass space solutions, Oleksandr Semeniuk is the person to call, according to these grateful customers.

Entrepreneur Rashad Bailey Cites Racism as the Reason Behind His Chicago Restaurant Closing Down

In the city of Chicago, a restaurant owner is in turmoil after the city decides to revoke his license amid a fight over his restaurant.

The source of the conflict? A debate if the place is a restaurant or a nightclub.

The restaurant

Rashad Bailey is an entrepreneur who finally realized his dream last year when he opened Dinner and a Movie in 2021.

Dinner and a Movie was based in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, where it advertised serving waffles, booze, movies and music.

According to Bailey, the facility hosts class reunions and birthday parties to celebrate Black love and gatherings.

The complaints

Although Dinner and a Movie sounds like one of the best places in town, it has been the subject of complaints from neighbors.

Those who live near the property have reported noise coming from the restaurant.

Since Dinner and a Movie opened its doors to customers, it has been the scene of several fights.

In June 2021, a shootout erupted after a brawl broke out. Fortunately, no one was hit.

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In the last week of July, the Department of Business and Consumer Protection decided to revoke Dinner and a Movie’s business license.

The decision comes after months of dispute, during which the department said the restaurant operated more like a tavern.

It is also noted that Bailey has taken no action to address the noise complaints.

What Rashad Bailey had to say

Despite the number of people complaining about the noise and violence in the restaurant, founder Rashad Bailey said his business was targeted by police upon opening.

“This year, (during hearings with the city), I found out I had about 10 undercover officers in my restaurants within a week’s time of me opening with no incidents happening,” he revealed.

Bailey also said Chicago police harass his business and often show up unannounced in large numbers.

A month after the shooting by Dinner and a Movie, video showed police entering the facility.

However, the restaurant was closed during the incident.

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Rashad Bailey revealed that the Chicago Commercial Department began investigating the restaurant shortly after it opened for selling alcohol beyond its license.

At the time, the ministry revoked Bailey’s restaurant privileges to serve lunch and operate after midnight.

Bailey also blamed the neighbors for closing Dinner and a Movie and accused them of making false complaints because of the large Black customer base.

“This is racism,” Bailey said.

“They’re putting crime and the problems of the city on me. They see Black music, Black people, and they think that’s the problem.”

Meanwhile, Yelp reviews on Dinner and a Movie claim that the restaurant only offers a small menu, conducts security checks at the entrance, and an additional fee for coverage.

Rashad Bailey threw his hands up in exhaustion and said that he was finished fighting town hall.

Bailey decided he will leave Chicago.

“Because Dinner and a Movie was Black,” he said. “The Black birthday is a problem and some days, we are.”

“I told someone else, there are people out here in Chicago that shoot people and reb people, and they are savages and should be locked up.”

“Because hardworking Black people, we don’t want to deal with that, and they group us together,” Bailey added. “I don’t want to deal with that.”


Chicago man says city shut down his business, Dinner and a Movie, because he’s Black

Chicago man believes city shut his business down because he’s Black

Diane Hendricks’ Journey to Becoming the Richest Self-Made Woman in America

Stories of people building success from nothing are rare in real life, but Diane Hendricks is one of the extraordinary figures that stems directly from fiction.

In early June, Diane Hendricks continued her five-year streak from the top of Forbes’ list of America’s richest self-made women as president of ABC Supply, a construction materials company she developed alongside her late husband in 1982.

Here we shed some light on how she has built such a successful career.

Growing up

While other people grew up on the legacy of their political, business or celebrity parents, Hendricks’ success stems from her work ethic and determination to survive.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, she helped develop a work ethic that ultimately paid off when she and her late husband built their business empire in 1982. During her childhood, Diane Hendricks was exposed 24/7 to her parents’ farm work, which gave her a sense of discipline.

At the age of 17, she became pregnant and completed senior year while she lived at home. Four years later, Hendricks filed for divorce from her high school sweetheart.

While most single parents take on a variety of jobs, Hendricks focused on success in a single career by taking on various odd office jobs.

Finally, she pursued a real estate license. 

“Motherhood got in the way real quick and I grew up real fast,” she revealed.

“It didn’t stop me from wanting to reach my dream. In fact, I think I became more focused on what I wanted to achieve.”

Diane Hendricks shed some light on her dream, sharing that she hopes to move to the office in costume in the city.

ABC Supply

Life took her in a different direction when she met roofer Ken Hendricks in the 1970s, and the two were eventually married.

As a couple, they combined their talents to found ABC Supply in Beloit, Wisconsin. Diane and Ken’s partnership proved fruitful when the company opened 100 locations in 1994, but their success only increased when it hit $1 billion in annual sales four years later.

Managing the company

Ken Hendricks passed away in 2007, and Diane Hendricks leads ABC Supply to date.

Under her leadership, the company expanded to over 840 locations and became the 23rd largest privately held company in the United States.

ABC Supply’s website also revealed that it acquired the businesses of 18 other companies in half a decade, proving to be an industrial behemoth with its market dominance.


Although successful in her endeavors, Hendricks endured a myriad of controversies. The first came in 2016 when she topped the Forbes list.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel accused her of not paying a penny in income tax between 2012 and 2014. However, it was also reported that she no longer owed any state taxes in 2010.

However, ABC Supply’s tax manager, Scott Bianchi, made it clear that the company changed its tax classification from C-corp to S-corp during those years.

Wisconsin state law states corporations can apply for federal S-Corps and state-level C-Corps, allowing ABC Supply to elect out-of-state tax option status, including checks made by the company to Hendricks only if all federal taxes are paid at the stop. 


Diane Hendricks continues to operate out of Beloit, with a population of less than 37,000.

Forbes reports that she has spent millions on local projects, rebuilding abandoned properties and bringing new businesses to the state.

Five years ago, Hendricks also founded a local career center that runs workshops and teaches students skills like coding and building. Her goal with the program was to introduce teenagers to “the value of the job.”

Rapper and Business Mogul Master P’s Business Ventures Over the Years

Percy Robert Miller Sr. has established himself as Master P, lending his talent to music and entertainment.

Since then, Master P has used his success to give back to the masses at various outlets.

One of his most successful endeavors is his time as an entrepreneur.

Here we look at some of the companies the seasoned rapper has successfully created.

No Limit records

Founded in 1991, No Limits Records is the independent label of Master P.

The label is one of the most successful black record labels of all time and has other prominent names such as Snoop Dogg, Musical, Silkk the Shocker, C-Murder and Romeo Miller, son of Maestro P.

No Limit Clothing

When No Limit Records was launched, Master P moved his business ventures to the No Limit clothing line.

Early t-shirts had the No Limit tank logo, but the designs featured album covers over time.

T-shirts were initially only available on concert tours or mail orders, but No Limit Clothing has spread to independent and department stores.

No Limit Films

Master P started an independent film studio called No Limit Films with a knack for entertainment.

The first production, I’m Bout It, sold 220,000 copies in the first week without a major distribution deal.

Meanwhile, the film I Got the Hookup was produced on a $ 3.5 million budget and grossed over $ 10 million at the box office.

While Master P struck a deal with Artisan Pictures, none of the other releases matched the success of I Got the Hookup.

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No Limit Sports Management

Although a talented individual, Master P is also an athlete, having signed with the Charlotte Hornets in 1998.

A year later, the rapper played for the Toronto Raptors, the only team to show rare footage in Miller’s # 17 uniform.

However, No Limit Sports Management was not as successful as Master P.

PM Properties & MP Realty

PM Properties is a testament to the rapper’s love for the real estate industry.

A property management company, PM Properties, manages properties with hundreds of tenants.


In 2018, Master P launched a luxury brand called Moneyatti. The brand sold shoes, clothing and other fashion accessories.

The brand name stands for “Motivating yourself now actively motivates you to think independently.”

Moneyatti and Master P have offered Zion Williamson, the top pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, a $ 20 million deal to sign her shoe line.

However, Williamson signed with Jordan instead.

Moneyatti’s sneakers sell for between $ 200 and $ 300, putting them above the retail price of a new pair of Jordan or Yeezy.

Big Poppa Hamburger

Based in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana, Master P opened Big Poppa Burgers in 2019.

The restaurant owes its name to the rapper’s grandfather, who, among other things, prepared the ‘secret sauce.’ Big Poppa Burgers sells burgers, chicken and waffles, sandwiches, fries and shakes.

The restaurant continues to garner positive reviews on Google, Grubhub, and Yelp.

Rap noodles

Chef Boyar P announced the launch of Rap Noodles – an “ICON” variety of ramen noodles featuring various rappers on the cover in 2019.

Master P created the pasta line in collaboration with the 17-year-old brand Rap Snacks.

Rao Noodles is available at select Save-A-Lot and 7-Eleven stores.

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Uncle P’s

Master P created a food brand called Uncle P’s in response to brands like Uncle Ben’s that feature Black characters but are not Black-owned.

“We never knew who Uncle Ben was,” the rapper explained.

“So when I figured this guy was a model from the 1940s. So all of that money we put in, none of it ever came back to our community.”

Recent business ventures

Recent Master P ventures include food projects.

To combat the unbearable heat, he created LA Great Snow Cones, which feature flavors like Blue Raspberry, Bubblegum, Cherry, Grape, Green Apple, Lemonade, and Orange Stick.

The rapper also has Soldier, Rap Snacks and more.

TMZ recently reported that Master P would be collaborating with Snoop Dogg for another food project.


Master P’s 9 most notable businesses

Master P announces his latest business venture, New Orleans-styled snow cones that are now sold in grocery stores

Cryptocurrency: The Impact of Securities and Commodities

Cryptocurrencies have been around for over a decade now, and they have managed to create a new asset class that has attracted the attention of both retail and institutional investors. However, the regulatory status of cryptocurrencies still needs to be clarified, which has created confusion and uncertainty in the market. One of the key issues that regulators and investors need to understand is whether cryptocurrencies are securities or commodities. This article will explore the difference between securities and commodities and why it matters for the crypto industry.

Securities and Commodities: What’s the Difference?

Securities and commodities are two different asset types traded in financial markets. Security is a financial instrument that represents ownership in a company or a debt obligation. Stocks, bonds, and options are examples of securities. A commodity, on the other hand, is a raw material or a primary agricultural product that is traded in bulk. Gold, oil, and wheat are examples of commodities.

The key difference between securities and commodities is that securities are financial assets representing ownership or debt, while commodities are physical assets with intrinsic value. Securities are traded in financial markets, while commodities are traded in physical markets. The price of securities is determined by market demand and supply, while the price of commodities is influenced by factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, and geopolitical events.

Why is the Distinction Between Securities and Commodities Important?

The distinction between securities and commodities is important because it determines how these assets are regulated. Securities are subject to strict regulatory oversight, and securities issuers must disclose information about their financial condition, operations, and risks to investors. Investors in securities are also protected by securities laws, which provide them with legal remedies in case of fraud or misrepresentation.

On the other hand, commodities are subject to less regulatory oversight, and there are fewer disclosure requirements for issuers of commodities. Competitors in commodities are also less protected by securities laws and may be exposed to higher risks of fraud and market manipulation.

Why the Regulatory Status of Cryptocurrencies Matters

The regulatory status of cryptocurrencies matters because it determines how these assets are traded and valued. If cryptocurrencies are classified as securities, they will be subject to the same regulatory oversight and disclosure requirements as other securities. This will increase transparency and reduce the risk of fraud and market manipulation.

On the other hand, if cryptocurrencies are classified as commodities, they will be subject to less regulatory oversight and disclosure requirements. This may increase the risk of fraud and market manipulation and make it more difficult for investors to value these assets accurately.


The regulatory status of cryptocurrencies is still evolving, and whether they will be classified as securities or commodities remains to be seen. The distinction between securities and commodities is important because it determines how these assets are regulated and valued. If cryptocurrencies are classified as securities, they will be subject to strict regulatory oversight and disclosure requirements, increasing transparency and reducing the risk of fraud and market manipulation. If cryptocurrencies are classified as commodities, they will be subject to less regulatory oversight and disclosure requirements, which may increase the risk of fraud and market manipulation and make it more difficult for investors to value these assets accurately.

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