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A Mission for Change: How One Company is Leveling the E-commerce Playing Field

It’s no secret that Amazon has changed the game for online retailers of all sizes. They have given brands that sell everything from clothing to food products a place to reach hundreds of thousands to millions of potential consumers in one place. Many brands and vendors have thrived on platforms like Amazon and other retailers; however, certain guidelines that online vendors and brands must abide by create near-insurmountable hurdles on the path to e-commerce success. 

Fines and deductions have become so prevalent when vendors don’t comply with these guidelines that, even when they do, many vendors and brands just accept them most of the time and consider them a cost of doing business. Although many of the rules are built to protect the consumer — and sometimes the vendor — the system is creating a web of red tape and a flawed business model that leads to frustrated vendors and hampered business ambitions. 

One company is offering a helping hand to discontented vendors. That company, chargeguard, aims to keep Amazon honest and reclaim up to 70% of chargebacks and shortages for vendors seeking a return of revenue. 

Recovery for vendors

“There’s one area of Amazon that’s been overlooked by almost everyone,” says John W. Collins, CEO of chargeguard. “Thirteen billion dollars — that’s the amount of money that Amazon is charging vendors and vendors every year in deductions and fees.” This stunningly large amount regularly cuts into the revenue for vendors, making building a profitable e-commerce business a hard road to traverse.  

Through chargeguard audits, retailers can recover shortage deductions from up to five years ago. Chargeguard works to get their clients the biggest returns possible. One study showed that Amazon vendors’ fees had risen considerably in the last decade. In 2021, for instance, vendors’ fees could account for 34% of a seller’s earnings. The company provides clients with a complete Evaluation and Recovery Analysis report, allowing vendors to move forward with a new strategy or approach. 

Chargeguard has certified Recovery Specialists, who they consider “Fee Fighters,” poised to take on the big e-commerce platforms and provide one-on-one assistance to vendors. These specialists provide expertise and efficient recovery. Chargeguard also provides vendors with ongoing root cause analysis and supply chain coaching to minimize future deductions and give them a good springboard for their business going forward. “Like any automated procedure, mistakes can be made, and funds are withheld from vendors that should have ended up in their pockets,” explains Collins. 

A chargeguard audit is risk-free and carries no obligation for the seller. Vendors can see the whole amount that they can expect to garner from working with chargeguard and decide if pursuing recovery is worthwhile for their business. In some cases, chargeguard has been able to recover more than the audit estimated amount. 

A Changemaker for retailers

When one takes on an e-commerce venture, one must be cognizant of all the expenses one can expect. Vendors who wish to use Amazon or other e-commerce platforms to build businesses know to expect fees on sales, fulfillment, and the expected chargebacks. The fees have been a boon for the e-commerce giant, allowing them to maximize their own profits where, all the while, vendors feel they are paying more and more with each transaction and getting less to keep. 

Smaller e-commerce businesses rarely have the luxury of pulling out of Amazon altogether and surviving, as Nike did in 2019. Chargeguard is a changemaker, allowing vendors to gather more of what is theirs instead of further lining the pockets of massive tech giants. 

Chargeback fees and other fees can be some of the worst parts of doing business on the internet. With chargeguard, vendors can change the trajectory of their ventures, getting a clear view of what they may recover and working with a company that has the knowledge and ability to get the recovery job done. 

Dr. Jim White on Opportunity Investing


The popularity of socially responsible investing is on the rise. Whether the focus is on supporting sustainability, promoting human rights, or minimizing environmental impacts, a growing number of investors are seeking out ways to achieve positive change while still pursuing financial returns.

Opportunity investing, which was created by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), is a form of socially responsible investing that focuses on revitalizing low-income communities across the US. It provides for the establishment of Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs), which are designated by the US Treasury Department after being nominated by state governors. The TCJA encourages investment in QOZs by extending significant tax benefits to investors who participate in opportunity investing.

“Opportunity investing is the hidden gem in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” says Dr. Jim White, Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. “The program it establishes represents an innovative approach to spurring long-term private sector investments in low-income rural and urban communities nationwide. It provides our nation with a new path to bolstering and revitalizing distressed businesses and communities.”

Dr. White has authored several acclaimed books that touch on socially responsible investing — most recently, “Broken America: Ten Guiding Principles to Restore America” and “Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds.” In his book “Opportunity Investing,” Dr. White goes into great detail about how investors can leverage QOZs to help residents in these economically distressed zones and be rewarded for their purpose-driven investments.

Opportunity investing normally involves the establishment of investment funds, known as opportunity investment funds or opportunity funds, that are used to invest in real estate and business development in QOZs. To be eligible for preferential tax treatment, opportunity funds must invest at least 90 percent of their assets in QOZs.

Opportunity funds must make “substantial improvements” to properties in QOZs, which regulations define as financial investments that are equal to or exceed the amount paid for the property. These improvements must be made within 30 months of obtaining the property. Certain types of properties — including golf courses, country clubs, liquor stores, suntan facilities, and racetracks — are not permitted to be included in opportunity investing.

The US Internal Revenue Service explains that opportunity funds are meant to serve as an economic development tool, one that was established with the goal of spurring “economic development and job creation in distressed communities.”

“If businesses in QOZs thrive, the communities will have more jobs and better salaries to offer,” explains Dr. White. “As these types of improvements take place, more people will want to relocate to these areas, which will increase real estate values and breathe new life into local shops and stores. As residents and business owners improve their financial standing, they spend more money on beautifying their homes, storefronts, public buildings, streets, parks, and monuments. Opportunity investing serves to improve infrastructure, decrease crime, and make better health care available for residents. Spread out over many communities, opportunity investing can help our nation flourish as a whole.”

QOZs have been established in all 50 US states, Washington DC, and several US territories. The US Treasury provides investors with an up-to-date list of QOZs. The extent of tax relief provided by opportunity investing depends on the length of time investors hold on to investments. Investors must hold properties for at least five years, at which point they receive a 10 percent exclusion of deferred gain on their investment. After 10 years, investors do not owe federal income tax on the funds appreciation, the value of which is set at the date of sale.

By combining socially responsible investing with considerable tax advantages, opportunity investing provides purpose-driven entrepreneurs with opportunities to experience financial gains while making big impacts and leading industry-wide growth and change.

“To me, opportunity zones represent opportunity knocking,” says Dr. White. “Opportunity investing is a win-win-win for investors, business owners, and citizens of urban and rural QOZ areas.”

Fast Fire Watch Co.; United States’ Premier Fire Watch Service

It’s getting more likely that your house or place of business may suffer damage from a fire. Rapid fires are often caused by defective wiring or appliances. When dealing with such events on your own, you may find it difficult to contain the fire given how quickly it spreads. As a result, it is now required that there be a fire watch guard on the premises at all times. The necessity for fire watch guards has skyrocketed with the growth in potential causes of fires. Fast Fire Watch Guard Service is one of the best in the business since they are OSHA-compliant and use a staff of highly trained fire watch guard officers who are well-versed in all aspects of fire safety protocol.

Fast Fire Watch Co. can provide an immediate response to any fire emergency; all you need to do is call for a free quote. When they have finished their work, they will provide the fire marshal the required reports about the fire. A building without sprinklers or a fire alarm system might suffer significant losses in the event of a fire, thus a fire watch guard from Fast Fire Watch Co. can accomplish the same task more effectively if such equipment or devices are not currently accessible or working.

As a result of their familiarity with the building, fire watch guards from Fast Fire Watch Co. are able to identify problem areas and reduce the likelihood of fire incidents by taking preventative measures. When no other fire safety measures are in place, the National Fire Protection Association mandates the hiring of a fire watch guard. Fires not only endanger the lives of those in the building but also have the potential to destroy valuable property and force the closure of your business operations. You and your company may avoid danger, however, with the assistance of a fire watch guard from Fast Fire Watch Co.

When it comes to fire watch guards services, nothing beats Fast Fire Watch Co. since they have ready-to-respond personnel stationed in every US state. Their rapid response time is a direct result of their ready availability in every single state. Fast Fire Watch Co. has performed almost 10,000 patrols while maintaining their commitment to professionalism and the highest standards of service for their extensive clientele. Fast Fire Watch Co. has been around long enough to have seen the ups and downs of the fire watch guard industry and to have a firm grasp on the duties that are expected of them. Lacking prior exposure to emergency events like fires, an unskilled organization may make things worse.

One of the reasons why Fast Fire Watch Co. has been so successful in the market for fire safety is because the prices at which they provide their watch guard services are so competitive. When you choose Fast Fire Watch Co. as a solution for fire protection, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing that both your property and your business are safeguarded.

Serial Entrepreneur Ronnie Cropper Is Simplifying the Credit Repair and Dispute Process Through CreditDash

After countless years, people are finally realizing that the first step to achieving their goal of economic stability and freedom is through having an excellent credit score. Because of this, many have dedicated time and effort to become financially literate, with some even taking extensive classes. However, despite these actions, the credit system is not without flaws. As such, no matter how careful or knowledgeable an individual is, there is simply no way to guarantee that their credit report is free from errors or inconsistencies, which may affect their credit rating negatively.

Cognizant of this, one exceptional venture has created an innovative solution that helps people repair and rebuild their credit scores with ease: CreditDash. Initially called Disputedoc, it is a trailblazing initiative that uses the intuitive nature of A.I. technology, the first of its kind on the market. The outstanding platform functions as a user’s very own Credit Advisor, which automatically finds errors and discrepancies in credit reports.

Since its inception, the remarkable enterprise has changed the lives of countless individuals by successfully disputing over one million items. Furthermore, CreditDash is a highly versatile application as it is helpful for private consumers who wish to improve their creditworthiness. Not only that, but it also provides business owners in the credit repair industry with an excellent tool that helps fast-track their services.

At the helm of the stellar brand is serial fintech entrepreneur Ronnie Cropper known for his impressive accomplishments in the business scene. He is an inspiring individual who is passionate about helping others succeed. The tycoon has scaled several ventures through his hard work, dedication, perseverance, and expertise. Currently, the industry authority is working on a second major project in the fitness scene alongside CreditDash.

When asked to share his motivation for developing the enterprise, Ronnie candidly answered, “Wanting to help others. Understanding the difficulties with credit challenges that many consumers face. It was important to me for others to understand their credit, improve their creditworthiness and ultimately be able to improve the quality of human lives.” He went on to add, “Financial literacy is one thing that is overlooked in the middle to lower-income communities, and we want to make it easier to understand and more accessible to everyone by way of our platform.”

CreditDash is undoubtedly a game changer when it comes to the intricate and complex process of credit disputes. Moving forward, it remains steadfast in its vision of helping people achieve their financial goals. Its founder and CEO proudly shared his intentions of improving the platform and elevating the overall experience of its clients. 

“My personal plans for the future with both projects are to ultimately serve as many people as possible, helping them with financial literacy and improving their quality of life. CreditDash is currently focused on a mobile application to make the process easier for consumers as well as a white label solution to help businesses provide their customers with an option to improve their credit scores and to help them save money on other financial related products,” the entrepreneur explained.