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Zodiac NFT, the First Fully Interactive 3D NFT

It is an understatement to claim that there are numerous digital fish in the NFT sea. Currently, blockchains are inundated with projects from those who have recognized the value of non-fungible tokens. As this particular form of a digital asset continues to gain traction in the months to come and transform into a staple way not only of proving ownership but also of gaining revenue, the space can expect to see countless more dip their toes in the field. However, because of the growing degree of competition in the industry, many are failing to capture the interest of their target audiences, an unfortunate reality that drove the team behind the upcoming Zodiac NFT to take things to the next level. While there is no definite guarantee of success, they are confident that their brainchild, the first fully interactive 3D NFT, will manage to reach great heights. 

Spearheaded by a group of visionaries with a long list of accomplishments in and outside the NFT space under their belt, Zodiac NFT is a collection of intricately designed artwork with incredible supporting audio. The project, which combines art, audio, and an astrology-focused story is guided by a comprehensive roadmap that culminates in the establishment of an open meta auction house for other 3D NFTs. 

A key factor that is set to distinguish Zodiac NFT from the rest of the projects in the Ethereum blockchain is its emphasis on going against the grain. Instead of offering just a jpeg, it intends to capitalize on the power of augmented reality to create and deliver an experience to be remembered. Each of the tokens that will be minted is made available in a one-of-a-kind 3D VR Gallery, where viewers get to see not only the artwork involved but also listen to soundtracks. 

Given that Zodiac NFT highly revolves around astrological concepts that people are immensely familiar with, it would be easy to find oneself immersed in the lore behind the collection. The Zodiac Kings, who are the heart of this promising project, are tasked to bring calm to a world that had rapidly fallen into chaos when, in the year 2148, the celestial heavens elected to suspend the light in the world. Together with a host of Zodiac Soldiers and with the help of men, the twelve Zodiac Kings need to recover the scrolls that contain the key to man’s deliverance from darkness. 

Apart from the Kings, another facet of Zodiac NFT that is bound to attract the attention of the general population is the string of benefits that come along with every purchase. All holders will automatically co-own the MetaMuseum and Auction House, two streams that aim to bring long-term revenue shares to the project’s community and supporters. Additionally, owners can look forward to gaining early access to future drops and the opening of a Zodiac 3D Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Zodiac NFT is scheduled to hit the limelight in early December. As the first fully interactive 3D NFT, it’s already making a lot of buzz in the industry. 

Learn more about Zodiac NFT by visiting its website, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord server.

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