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Zayden Banks Is Lil Durk’s Son And Here Are 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Him

The second and third child of Lil Durk, the well-known American rapper named Durk Derrick Banks, is Zayden Banks. He is one of the six kids Lil Durk has so far fathered.

Lil Durk, the father of Zayden Banks, has been working in the entertainment business since 2010, and since then, he has gained not only national but also international notoriety. His celebrity has affected those close to him, particularly his love partners and the children he has shared them with.

Despite still being a youngster, Zayden has captured the attention of many Lil Durk fans despite being one of the Chicago rapper’s six children. The circumstances of Zayden’s birth and the identity of his mother are among the often-asked topics about him. In addition to things like when he was born.

Who Is Zayden Banks, Lil Durk’s Son?

The third kid and second son of Lil Durk are Zayden Banks. Apart from this, there isn’t much to say about Zayden’s life. His father is mostly to blame for his renown. Zayden is an African-American and, of course, a citizen of the United States of America because his father is a well-known American rapper.

The identity of Zayden Banks’ paternal grandmother is still a mystery. We only know that Lil Durk, the father of Zayden, was born on October 19, 1992, to a lady who some claim to be a nurse.

Dontay Banks sometimes referred to by his stage name Big Durk, is the guy who bears him. By chance, Big Durk has shared in Zayden’s youth and upbringing something he could not accomplish for Lil Durk. Zayden Banks’ father, Dontay, was detained for drug-related offenses when he was just seven months old. After that, he spent several years in prison, which prevented him from having the chance to raise Lil Durk.

What is Zayden Banks’ Age Now?

Several sources claim that the second child of the well-known Chicago rapper was born on November 5, 2013. Zayden Banks is presently eight years old, according to this.

One cannot predict Zayden’s future, given his young age. Zayden is the rapper’s third eldest child, and like all of his other children, it appears that Lil Durk shares custody of Zayden with his mother. He still has a lot of growing up to do, so attempting to anticipate what he will do for a job at this time would be fruitless. We think so since Zayden has never been mentioned in any reports of a custody dispute.

Who is Zayden Banks’ Mother?

Since he rose to fame, the father of Zayden Banks has been romantically linked to several women, albeit not all of them are well-known to the general public. As far as the general public is aware, Nicole Covone, the mother of his first two children, was his first love interest. They allegedly began dating in 2008.

Later, he dated Tameka Kute before moving on to India Royale, with whom he is presently engaged. None of these ladies are Zayden Banks’ mothers; whomever she may be, she is one of the rapper’s on-again, off-again relationships. We can only confirm that Lil Durk dated Nicole Covone and simultaneously had a relationship with Zayden Banks’ mother. Bella, a girl, was born to Durk and Nicole as their second child together in 2013. In the same year, the rapper welcomed Zayden with a woman whose identity is unknown to the general world.

He is the Third of Lil Durk’s Children and has five siblings.

As previously mentioned, Lil Durk has had a total of six children so far. We predict the hip-hop celebrity will father additional children soon because he previously stated that he planned to have up to 10 children. His children are currently number six. Therefore Zayden Banks has five siblings total—two older and three younger—out of his six children. In August 2011, he welcomed his eldest sibling, Angelo Banks, who is also Lil Durk’s first child. Bella, the oldest sister in line after her, is the birth year 2013.

Angelo and Bella were both born to Zayden Banks’ father by his ex-girlfriend Nicole Coven. He welcomed Zayden with an unidentified woman after the two. The rapper subsequently gave birth to his fourth kid, a son named Du’mier, and then to Skyler Banks, his fifth child and second daughter.

Right now, Willow Banks is Zayden Banks’ youngest sibling. Lil Durk’s third daughter, born in 2018, is the only kid he and his fiancée, India Royale, have together.

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