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Young Entrepreneur Fadi Amso Makes a Mark in the World of E-Commerce

Endless free time and no responsibilities are often the common stereotypes associated with today’s younger generation. Even older people tend to describe this generation as lazy, reckless, and irresponsible. In actuality, this generation is hungry to make their mark on the world, dedicated to pursuing their passions and eventually making those hobbies into business empires. Despite the societal stereotypes imposed on young entrepreneurs, many rise above the fray and continue to embark on the long journey of entrepreneurship. Meet Fadi Amso, a Gen Z entrepreneur who embraced the digital space to scale his e-commerce business successfully.

Currently based in San Diego, California, Fadi Amso is a nineteen-year-old rising e-commerce entrepreneur. He began his start-up business when he was fifteen years old at the comfort of his bedroom. The teenage entrepreneur was set on expanding his business to greater heights. However, the challenges don’t end there. “Before I built my brand, I found it hard to get taken seriously,” Amso recalled. Most of his colleagues treated his youth as a liability rather than an asset. Yet Amso is a young man filled with big dreams, and he aspires to accomplish them all. 

Throughout high school, he juggled e-commerce and filmmaking at the same time. According to Fadi Amso, it was no walk in the park. He had to manage his time well and push himself to the limits to realize his dreams. So he did. As a video game enthusiast, Amso came up with trendsetting grips used for video game consoles. He devised a thumb grip to make video games more fun and convenient for players. It became his major product for his e-commerce startup, which he later called Sweet Grip. Up to this date, his thumb grip business venture continues to skyrocket and maintains a steady stream of profit.  

A year after, Fadi Amso collaborated with FBA, which stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. This service is intended specifically for sellers like Amso by giving them storage, packaging, and shipping support from Amazon. He found this to be a golden opportunity to elevate his business because Amazon already has an established costumers list. He leveraged this knowledge, and it paid off in the long run. Currently, Amso is managing Amazon FBA and Sweet Grips.

His ‘nothing to lose’ mindset became his asset in this world of e-commerce. “One thing that separates me from my competition would be not giving up. I strive every day to deliver the best I could for my clients. I will go out my own way just to make my clients happy. Whether it’s last minute, I do my best to do what I can do,” said Amso. Having a winning mentality coupled with perseverance and hard work has made Amso a renowned young entrepreneur in San Diego.

Of course, a successful entrepreneur is not one without hobbies. Amso firmly believes that all work and no play can be mentally draining and does not foster creativity. So, when he was sixteen years old, he decided to buy a camera on Craigslist out of his pocket. Immediately, he fell in love with photography and videography and created a business out of it by capturing high-quality photos for big brands in San Diego.

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