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Wonkey Donkey NFT Project Stepping in to Save the Day for Donkeys

Many non-fungible token collections have hinged their existence on doing some good in the world in addition to the utility they offer to their holders. Also, in principle, these NFTs aim to attract potential holders with similar ideologies, passion, and interest. Thus, its holders are usually deeply committed to the same causes. A new project focusing on the safety of donkeys, Wonkey Donkey NFT, has come to light.

Wonkey Donkey NFT is an NFT project that aims to shed light on the unspoken cruelty that donkeys face every day. To further reinforce its purpose, the Wonkey Donkey NFT project plans to release an eComic book featuring a gang of Wonkey Donkeys that form a squad to fight back against evil farm owners. The eComic book will be in limited supply, and proceeds from sales will be donated to different charities and fund campaigns. “We want to help by donating some of the funds raised to donkey sanctuaries and using more funds to help support anti donkey cruelty campaigns,” one of the members of the creative team said.

Being unique is one of Wonkey Donkey NFT’s most prominent offerings, and the collection has some features in place to give its holders some benefits for holding the token. The NFT has a unique ticketing system for the community to allow users to claim their NFTs when gas fees are low at any stage of the collection’s sale. Wonkey Donkey NFT has also announced the biggest NFT giveaway to the tune of $600,000 for its holders.

Aside from these benefits, holders of the Wonkey Donkey token will also receive benefits from  Digital Fever, which is the team behind the collection. These benefits include educational courses and networking events.

In a detailed and extensive roadmap, Wonkey Donkey NFT has huge plans and intends to contribute to the world through different stages of its development and sales. Its early-stage goals include making a huge charity donation to announce its presence in the NFT space and getting started with its comic book production. The collection also intends to get verified on OpenSea. Then, when almost half of the tokens have sold out, there will be a huge celebrity drop, the Wonkey Donkey comic teaser will be released, and the creators will begin to produce the Donkey Den NFT Staking Game.

Once 75% of the tokens sell out, the villains will be introduced, and the Wonkey Donkey Comic will be released. After selling out 100% of the tokens, OG holders will receive physical copies of the Wonkey Donkey comic. 100 villain NFTs will also be released while holders get access to monthly comic drops. Donkey Coin and the Villians NFT collection will be launched to complete Wonkey Donkey’s roadmap.

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