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Wizards and Magic are Invading the Metaverse with the Coming of the Wiz Kidz NFT Community

Magic and wizardry are on their way to the metaverse to add more fun and excitement to avid digital art collectors, crypto enthusiasts, and investors with the launching of the newest non-fungible token (NFT) in town, the Wiz Kidz. With 8,888 tokens up for ownership, the token community will introduce incredible artworks that depict the best features of wizardry and magic. 

Each character will be randomly generated and will combine 178 unique traits. The exciting part will be when future investors and holders anticipate the rarest characters possible. The characters are categorized into five distinct groups: the common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary characters. Finding the rarest of them all will be quite tricky, but a few lucky ones will be fortunate enough to generate them and enjoy the perks that go with them. 

All future holders of Wiz Kidz characters will have complete ownership of the tokens they generate. They will also have commercial usage rights to them, and they have the freedom to do whatever they please with them. The characters that holders will generate, to include their future evolutions within the metaverse, will serve as their avatars. 

The theme behind the token community was inspired by several key factors. “Our target audience is the fantasy world. We grew up watching and loving Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter just like everyone else. For us, it was a bit deeper. It was the magic behind these stories that really shaped our childhoods and left us amazed even as we became adults. We wanted to pay homage to that, so it just made sense for us to create a project that honored the magic feeling we loved and shows our growth,” the founders explained. 

During the pre-sale phase, each token can be bought for 0.07 ETH. During the public sale, on the other hand, they will be priced at 0.085 ETH. Two thousand tokens will be allocated for the whitelist sale, while 6,666 will be released during the public sale. Among the total number of tokens, 222 will be set aside for the pre-sales giveaways, collaborations, and marketing initiatives. 

“As you know, our project depicts degenerate baby wizards. We gamified the process by creating the Quest of Power, a game where Wiz Kidz holders must collect 10 crystals of power. Once they’ve collected those crystals they’ll be able to unlock their Wiz Kidz true power, becoming Grand Wizards and get to see all the awesome attributes transform,” they added.

A month after the public sale, the community will introduce the Quest of Power. Power crystals will be available for sale to the community on a bi-weekly basis. These crystals will unlock the full power of the Wiz Kidz characters. Once holders collect a total of 10 crystals, they can use them to evolve the characters and unlock their true power once the Enhancement Room opens. 

Ultimately, the token community will purchase land in Sandbox and develop the Wizard Realm. Those who own a Wiz Kid or Grand Wizard character will have instant access to the Wizarding Realm once it is complete. Founders Kronos, Alchemist, Sorcerer, and Achilles are committed to provide each future holder with a unique experience that they will not encounter in other blockchain communities. 

The community has yet to reveal the official launching date of the community, and future holders can get live updates on their Discord server.

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