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With September around the corner, Apple prepares to announce its newest products in its launch event

Apple launch event on September 7 will finally put speculations to rest
Apple launch event on September 7 will finally put speculations to rest

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September is around the corner, which means Apple fans are eager to see if their iPhone 14 speculation is correct.

Apple will hold a launch event at its Cupertino, California headquarters on September 7, a recurring event since 2012.

The event

Since 2020, restrictions related to COVID-19 have prompted Apple to use pre-recorded video for its launch events.

This year marks the first in-person event since 2019, while the event will also be streamed on Apple’s website and YouTube.

The Apple event typically draws millions of viewers on YouTube and attracts the attention of millions of people around the world.

For the 2022 edition, the event will use the slogan “far out,” which could indicate new features such as night sky photography.

The iPhone 14, Apple Watch, and iOS 16 are likely to be introduced at the Apple event.

It remains to be seen whether the iPad and Mac will be ready for launch as the software is incomplete.

iPhone 14

The iPhone is Apple’s biggest seller, and people have been speculating over the past year.

According to reports, the iPhone 13 range is the latest to include the mini in its lineup, as Apple will add a larger model instead.

Several media outlets and analysts also expect the Pro models to receive further upgrades, replacing the notch with a pill and hole cutout.

The Pro models would also feature the new A16 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will continue to use the 2021 A15 chipset.

The biggest news for the iPhone 14 is the price, which many expect to see a $100 increase.

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The Apple Watch

In 2022, Apple will bring major upgrades to its Watch, adding more features to give the redesign a run for its price.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the company is considering a body temperature sensor in the new Apple Watch to help with fertility and sleep tracking.

The Apple Watch Series 8 could also add a “Pro” model with a bigger screen and a more durable finish.

The company has previously released watches with expensive case materials such as gold, ceramic, and titanium.

The new “Pro” model could pave the way for the first high-end Apple Watches with additional features that cheaper models lack.

Apple is also expected to launch an updated version of the Apple Watch SE as an entry-level watch.

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iOS 16

Earlier this year, the iOS 16 beta made waves, delivering some eye-catching new features.

The software update includes the ability to customize the iPhone lock screen and change the clock font on the lock screen.

iOS 16 also allows users to cancel or edit iMessages within minutes of submitting them.

It introduces short-term loans from Apple called Apple Pay Later, allowing them to buy things online with Apple Pay.

The problem is that they would have to pay the item in four interest-free installments.

With iOS 16, users can turn their iPhone into a high-definition webcam for a Mac laptop or desktop.

The software is available for other iPhone models, but it remains to be seen who will be able to update their system.


Expect Apple to show four new iPhones and an updated Apple Watch next week

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