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Whitney Reid Set to Launch NFT Project Based on Iconic American Bodybuilder Jay Cutler

Non-fungible tokens have created never-before-seen freedom in the digital world that allows creators to create and express themselves freely. This has given iconic individuals enough room to join the ever-growing league of creators and put out inspiring projects that a lot of people will be happy to be a part of. Whitney Reid is an authority figure in the fitness industry and is now delving into NFTs with bodybuilder Jay Cutler with the project, Metapumps.

Having done it all as an executive in the fitness industry, Whitney Reid is set to leverage her experience, networks, connections, and knowledge to push the upcoming NFT slated to go on presale by mid-May 2022. He’s leveraging not only her business relationship with Jay Cutler but also her friendship to launch images of him as an NFT project while providing utility to everyone who decides to invest in the collection.

Metapumps NFT is a collection of 9,600 3D characters of Jay Cutler, which promise holders some perks, benefits, and real-life utility. It is the first collection in a line of proposed NFT projects, and it is set to trailblaze the presence of NFT in the fitness and bodybuilding world. In the Metapumps NFT collection, every holder gets access to discounts for Cutler Nutrition and Cutler Athletics, two brands owned by Jay Cutler, and to other shop supplements and apparel brands. Also, some of the characters in the collection will be access tokens, which will give their holders a direct connection with Jay Cutler himself, who has over 10M followers between 3 platforms. These connections include Zoom calls, one-on-one IG live sessions, VIP meet at Jay Cutler Classic events, exclusive apparel, and in-person training with Cutler in Vegas (all expenses paid). One token holder will also get a VIP red carpet trip to the Mr. Olympia contest.

As a continually evolving project, Metapumps NFT has plans in the works to own a gym in the Metaverse, which will be funded by 20% of the NFT’s net sale proceeds. After the project’s initial launch, some of Jay’s branding (swole monkeys and pig life) will be minted into mini collections to reward early investors with free drops before the public mint. Whitney Reid also hopes to get other athletes on board, like HOF WWE/AEW Wrestling Icon Billy Gunn, who is set to be the next celebrity collaboration.

With two decades in the fitness industry, Whitney Reid has built his career as an executive from scratch and thus understands the rigors of building and executing. Also, being one of the earliest cryptocurrency investors and NFT enthusiasts, Metapumps NFT seems to be in the right hands. Also, Jay Cutler’s iconic status in the fitness industry, evidenced by his over 10M followers between 3 platforms, will give Metapumps NFT all the boost it needs to succeed. Whitney’s goal is to implement Web 3.0 in the fitness community and get an early start in the new digital world. Metapumps NFT has a thriving community building up on Discord in anticipation of its May 2022 presale.

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