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Weedsies Is Fast-Becoming a Consumer Favorite for CBD Hemp and Cannabis Products

The market for CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products has been growing steadily over the years in states where there are laws allowing their production and selling. As the demand for these products increase, there is also a pressing need to ensure that their distribution is according to state regulations and does not violate laws governing other states that do not allow their sale. Weedsies, an emerging marketplace exclusive for these products, is giving various companies a safe and a state regulation-compliant platform where they can sell and promote their CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products. 

Considered to be a groundbreaking and a one-of-a-kind development for many companies selling CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products, CEO Henry Calix made sure that Weedsies is able to provide a solution to the divided state-by-state regulations for businesses. The company complies with each state’s regulation by only showing users of the platform what is legal and available within their specific area. This practice also allows Weedsies to comply with federal regulations by not allowing prohibited products to cross state lines. This safety net has been extremely beneficial to many local businesses as they no longer need to worry about the risk of violating existing state regulations.

Additionally, Weedsies addressed another pressing concern where it involves purchasing CBD, industrial hemp, and cannabis products—the mode of payment. 

“Currently, Weedsies is the only online marketplace combining all CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis products and providing the user with the ability to pay online for any of the products,” Calix explained. “Weedsies facilitates more methods of payments for the users than any other online marketplace in the industry by accepting credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online cash payment,” he added.

Consumers can choose from a wide selection of products using Weedsies from hemp oil to hemp flower, edibles, accessories, the Delta 8 dab syringe, the Sativa Delta 8 Vape variants, hemp oil chewing gums, and tasty cocoas, to mention a few. At the end of the day, Weedsies is all about providing a safe avenue for businesses to sell their CBD, industrial hemp, and Cannabis products and providing people of legal age access to allowable items in their respective states. 

“Weedsies has given users the ability to have the industry at their fingertips and feel safe about the products they’re purchasing because Weedsies protects them by vetting Vendors for State licensing as required by each state as well as each product COA. Weedsies complies with federal regulations because it does not promote across state lines nor showcases any products that are not sold within any given state, thus empowering the local businesses,” Calix explained further. 

Weedsies safeguards its platform by ensuring each user’s eligibility. Users are required to create an account and must first validate that they are at least 21 years old and a resident of the eligible state. After completing the process, users are then able to access applications or services in the site, exchange information with suppliers or vendors, purchase products, and receive notifications and messages from Weedsies. 

Learn more about Weedsies by visiting its website. Follow the company on Instagram and Facebook for updates on its latest products. 

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