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We the People Strives to Shake Up the NFT Community by Creating an Independent Community That Truly Practices Democracy

Non-Fungible Tokens took the world by storm early into 2021, giving the crypto industry more momentum and has since spawned hundreds if not thousands of projects. In a few months, the NFT space got an extra boost with the announcement of metaverses, prompting developers to engineer NFTs to access various metaverses or create their own. Joining the fray is the utility-driven project, We the People.

We the People was created to set the metaverse on fire with land acquisition, governance, and community, all of which are built by the people for the people, and in tandem, with the people. The development of the community through NFT digital art drop will create its own economy, where members can operate businesses and earn real crypto assets passively and actively. Additionally, with the real-life governments exposed, the United States of A-Metaverse provides people who want to live by their own rules in the metaverse with an alternative.

“We the People NFT has developed a foundation built on commitment to unity, which will help nurture a strong society built to stand the test of time,” said the founders of the NFT project. “This revolutionary project will not only be a lucrative investment but an opportunity for the people to come together outside of political affiliations and boundaries and create a more perfect union.”

The project’s artworks are professionally rendered and capitalize on modern cartoon imagery with two characters, the donkey and the elephant. The unparalleled and unique donkey and elephant artworks play on the American political party system. Although their decision could stir up trouble, the founders have devised a way to make it clear that one is better than the other and incentivized owning both a donkey and an elephant to receive the hallowed eagle, which represents independence, freedom, and unity.

“We have made it clear where they stand on politics. We have no time for division, partisanship, or bias,” the founders elaborated. “When they conjured up the idea for We the People and the United States of A-Metaverse, their main intention was to unite people on all sides of the aisle to take part in a project set to change the future of communities and NFTs as a whole.”

We the People strives to harness the many benefits of NFTs and broaden the scope of what it means to be utility-driven through a $200,000 land purchase within the Sandbox upon sellout of the collection. Holders of the first release NFTs will be able to vote on how the future community will be built, governed, and funded. As the community grows, so does the proportionate investment by We the People inland within the metaverse.

Apart from utility, We the People also focuses on transparency, which has become a significant topic in the Web3 world. Despite the number of projects on the NFT landscape, many projects are seen as cash grabs, which We the People directly addresses. The founders are accessible, have an extensive business background, are highly vetted, and have expertise in both macro and microeconomics.

We the People are set to launch their private pre-sale for President’s Day on Feb 21, with the public sale set to follow a day after.

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