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Veloce The NFT Car Club to Drive Into the NFT Scene on March 31

Hundreds of NFT collections have hit the digital asset industry in the year since non-fungible tokens hit the mainstream. Their popularity continues to fascinate especially those who are not privy to the comings and goings of the financial realm. But, given the value that these blockchain-hosted non-interchangeable units of data bring to the table, it’s no longer surprising why NFTs are expected to remain a massive force in the years to come. Apart from serving as digital certificates of ownership for a virtual entity, they have been utilized to raise awareness about today’s most pressing issues and direct attention toward a cause. Among the creatives who have recognized the power of non-fungible tokens are the minds behind Veloce The NFT Car Club, a highly anticipated project set to hit the scene on March 31.

Composed of 5,000 digitized artwork, Veloce takes pride in its distinctiveness, a strength that would help this upcoming collection stand out among the countless projects that are currently vying for a coveted spot in the limelight of the saturated digital asset industry. Its art—unique in multiple aspects—combines hand-drawn elements with digital renderings curated by a renowned local Seattle artist with experience working for large labels such as Nordstrom, LaMarzocco, and more. 

The project was founded by  cryptocurrency millionaire Adrian Ene-Stroescu, serial entrepreneur Ray Bacova, and renowned artist JJ Demir. Veloce is the Italian word for “fast,” and at the core of the project is the overarching goal to offer art backed with meaning and purpose. On its launch date, it will open its arms to all car enthusiasts and give them a platform where they can pursue their passion and meet like-minded individuals.

Veloce The NFT Car Club showcased on a Times Square billboard

“Most car enthusiasts understand the deep passion that exists in this community,” said the team spearheading the collection. “Our mission is to provide a space where they can express their appreciation for cars. Bringing them together in a trusted online group eliminates the potential anxiety that comes along with approaching other car enthusiasts.”

The must-have artworks subsumed under the project are expected to appeal to car lovers worldwide not only for the accurate rendering of the vehicles depicted but also for the significance of the chosen cars to the community.

“The cars chosen are those we all aim to own one day,” added the founders of Veloce. On top of the aesthetic value that Veloce promises to deliver, minting one of the tokens in the collection will provide all owners with a host of perks. Holders will be invited to exclusive live events hosted top hotspots of art, cinema, fashion, parties, and supercar rallies across the globe and gain access to opportunities to network with other members. 

Currently, the passionate NFT enthusiasts leading Veloce The NFT Car Club are religiously adhering to a roadmap that includes the opening of private and secret investment opportunities, giveaways valued at over a quarter-million dollars, and entry into the Metaverse. Of course, a Porsche 911 is up for grabs, as well. Right now, they are gearing up for the pre-sale of 1,000 exclusive NFT cars on March 31. 

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