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Urbane Dwellings Gives People the Confidence to Travel Again

Traveling has its ups and downs. While it carries the excitement of discovering a new city or a faraway place, it is also challenging to find a hospitable hotel or rental that one can call a temporary home. It must feel welcoming and comfortable. Urbane Dwellings sets out to provide individuals, families, or employees with options designed for everyone. 

Urbane Dwellings is a full-service housing company providing fully furnished properties for people looking for short-term lease. Instead of the usual, generic hotel rooms, the company aims to bring forth thoughtfully designed homes capable of catering to all kinds of travelers.  

“Our goal is to provide beautifully designed spaces and amazing service to busy professionals traveling into our regional areas,” said Urbane Dwellings CEO Ray Licardo. The entrepreneur quickly noticed that in the “new world,” companies are becoming more open to having remote, competent employees. Gone are the days when professionals were confined to the four walls of offices.

Thus, Urbane Dwellings wanted to provide a seamless working experience for remote working professionals who want to keep their careers at their peak and explore the world simultaneously. The company’s effort has paved the way for industry leaders to trust them as partners and providers for their remote employees. Urbane Dwellings has catered to some of the country’s top-tiered employers, including the two giants in the tech industry, Google and Apple.

In essence, Urbane Dwellings does not see travelers as mere transients but as residents. “They’re not just passing through,” said the CEO. The company wants its customers to feel like the space was made for them and to fit their needs. This level of hospitality has brought Urbane Dwellings a reputation that eclipses other rental spaces. Residents do not need to readjust to a new environment because the company makes sure that they can maintain their lifestyles—“work hard or work out, take-out or breakfast in bed, stay up or sleep late.”

Ray Licardo is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a degree in management information system. He began and scaled his career in sales but has always had a passion for creating, such as drawing, making various arts, or music. A few years back, the CEO stumbled upon Youtube videos about the Airbnb industry, and they piqued his interest in pursuing a venture in the same field. Urbane Dwellings solidified his desire to create, and he “accidentally fell in love with designing interiors and hospitality.”

Additionally, Urbane Dwellings is eyeing fundraising to propel their business to the next level and provide opportunities for people who want to invest in the real estate space without purchasing a property of their own. The company helps investors earn a passive income through short-term rental management solutions. The business model is ideal for those who have prior experiences in the real estate landscape. 

“Urbane Dwellings investors can add a new income stream to their lives that once seemed improbable if not impossible,” said Ray. As the company’s properties are generally listed on Airbnb and other major platforms, Urbane Dwellings is bound to satisfy a wide range of travelers worldwide. 

Learn more about Urbane Dwellings on their website.

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