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Upcoming Token BricktoPunks Is Set to Revolutionize the NFT Community With Its 3D Collection

Every couple of years, the art world is introduced to a new movement with methods and ideas that stray away from traditions that took years to establish. Salvador Dali’s surrealist works were initially met with criticisms but in time have proved to be one of the most influential movements today. Likewise, modern day art has given birth to a new art form. With the world ushered into a digital era, artists have started to delve into Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. 

NFTs were developed around the same time as cryptocurrency, but it wasn’t until 2021 that they started gaining traction. Similar to products like Bitcoin and Dogecoins, NFT holders have ownership over digital tokens that they can either collect for themselves or sell. Although an NFT can be anything from art to music and even social media posts, many brands have chosen digital art as their platform, generating countless NFTs in the community.

BricktoPunks is one of the latest NFT brands to join the community, taking an unconventional route to make itself stand out from the rest. Whereas other tokens have relied completely on 2D digital art, BricktoPunks has channeled their inner child to create traditional avatars using 3D bricks, arranging them to create images in the same way children would. 

The NFT is a collection of 9,999 Punks made from algorithmically-placed 3D bricks. Its AI has been programmed to arrange the bricks in the same manner as how children would, using unique variations in placement. BricktoPunks act as a key to the brand’s celebrity artist, @law_degree’s inner circle, giving holders exclusive behind the scenes access to his projects and collaborations with names like Kanye West, Virgil Abloh, and LaMelo Ball.

Each Punk NFT is a 3D piece that has been generated with the BricktoPunk AI, using an algorithm that was generated over several months to not only create the NFT but also to ensure variance in the manner that each brick is placed and the brick type used. The process created a “human touch” effect, giving each token a mosaic-feel created by a child made with a collection of their toys. The tokens’ subject sits above a backdrop, giving the Punk NFT pieces depth and emphasizing its 3D layering. 

Although BricktoPunks is yet to launch, the team already plans to create a project called BricktoForge wherein a mechanism will allow people to upgrade and customise their Punks with new accessories, backgrounds, and other adaptations. Holders will have to “burn” their Punks through the forge to decrease the total supply and make their BricktoPunks token more unique.

BricktoPunks is set for a release on November 3rd, 2021, giving NFT enthusiasts, digital art lovers, and fans of celebrity culture something to look forward to. “We hope to highlight the unique, high quality art to people who resonate more with the creative side and the utility the token provides to the people with an interest in celebrities and their exclusive lifestyles,” shared the team. Learn more about BricktoPunks by visiting their official website. You can also get more updates by following them on Twitter or joining their 40,000 member Discord channel.

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