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Upcoming NFT Project Worm City’s Quirky World and Excellent Roadmap Catches Attention of Investors

There is no shortage of new crypto-related initiatives, especially when it comes to non-fungible tokens. As such, it takes an exceptionally unique and fun project such as Worm City to capture the attention of investors.

What separates the venture from other NFT collections is it expertly combines a quirky concept with a solid and well-thought-out roadmap. Unlike other projects that only feature static artworks and images, Worm City has created an elaborate lore and intricate city of Wormshington, one of the most fascinating and modern cities in North Wormerica. It also comes with extraordinary characters and citizens such as James Bullworm, Doctor Penny, and Judge Davis.

The collection includes 11,111 worms on the Ethereum blockchain. Each worm is classified as either legendary worms, epic worms, or worm citizens. More importantly, its algorithm combines more than 4,343 attributes and elements, producing one-of-a-kind worms and the rarest NFT ratio in the market. In addition, it includes 18 unique animated worms in its pool.

The avatars are animated by professionals, and their remarkable designs can be likened to the famous animated series Rick and Morty with its familiar emotions, meme poses, clothes, and attributes.

But perhaps what separates Worm City from the competition is its excellent continuity plan. The upcoming collection, which is set to drop on November 10th, is only the beginning. The developers have even teased that the story will continue, and a Season 2 is already in the works.

On its roadmap, the project creators shared the exciting updates that token holders can expect. For example, an interactive Worm Game will be developed where people can earn amazing token rewards. The game is slated to be released on the Epic Games Store in the second quarter of 2022.

On top of that, breeding, staking and evolving systems for Worm NFTs will be available once 100% of the Worm tokens get minted. Seasonal skin packs and availability to transfer evolved NFTs will also be possible. Wormshington devs are also developing a system that rewards holders that hold many worms on their wallets: for example, 10 common worms give you a 10% discount on marketplace and higher APY for staking.

Because of its impressive and extensive plans, Worm City is an excellent fit for NFT enthusiasts and crypto investors looking for long-term investments and huge gains. On the other hand, individuals who love trendy stuff, bright and funny NFTs, and have a great sense of humor will also find the project worth investing in.

As a way to show appreciation for its early holders and supporters, the venture assures its community of exponential growth in its ecosystem. Furthermore, the community has a voice and gets a say in specific decision-making aspects, such as choosing the gender of the elected mayor.

Indeed, Worm City has remained true to its promise of creating a world that people can C.H.A.N.G.E. — Choose, Harvest, Arrange, Negotiate, Generate, and Earn. As such, interested individuals should keep a lookout for the launch of the fantastic NFT project on November 10, 6 PM UTC.Find out more about Worm City by visiting its official website and social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can also join in on the community discussions over at its dedicated Discord server and read about project milestones on Medium.

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