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Upcoming Game vEmpire: The Beginning Takes the Unconventional Route Into the NFT Space

Games have always been a staple form of entertainment, especially among the youth. But as the world evolved, so did entertainment. Along with television and the radio, arcade games arrived on the scene and later consoles. Computers also adapted, becoming a catalyst for all forms of entertainment. Today, one can find all kinds of games online, from board games like Monopoly to even trading card games.

Trading card games have been one of the biggest trends for the past few decades, attracting the attention of players who enjoy strategic battles. Even as the world turned over a new leaf and entered a digital era, trading card games remained a popular staple in the gaming world, prompting popular brands like Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon, and Vanguard, among many others to adapt. Joining the fray is the NFT project V-Empire.

vEmpire: The Founding Soldiers is a trading card NFT collection that was recently developed to combine games with the latest trend in the digital space. Unlike the majority of every other project, vEmpire is more than just a collectible, holders can utilize them to participate in the brand’s online game called vEmpire: The Beginning.  The trading card NFT can provide a strength boost to the holder’s cards in the online play which is set to launch in early December.

The NFT game allows anyone who wants to play to participate. In vEmpire, the common NFTs give one additional strength boost to their corresponding card, rare NFTs give 2 additional strength boosts, while unique NFTs give 3. 

“The boosts will, for most players, only be slight,” explained the team. “We have designed the game and boosts so that a skilled player without the NFTs will still be able to beat most NFT-owning players.” Possession of the NFTs make the owners “The House,” giving them a slight advantage in the long run. While NFT holders will certainly prove to be the most profitable players, that doesn’t mean they can still be beaten. 

What makes vEmpire so unique in the NFT community is that it is one of the few projects that strays from the animal-based NFTs. Rather than use the digital art medium that has defined the movement, vEmpire incorporates illustrations that are painted in the traditional medium. The card designs go beyond aesthetic and have actual utility within the play-to-earn game. People who spend will also be getting their money’s worth with the long-term advantage their purchase brings to their game. 

vEmpire also facilitates the staking of Metaverse tokens onto their platform in DeFiesque staking pools, paying a yield in our VEMP token. The tokens in turn will be given back to stakers. With a broad reach and diverse offering, vEmpire is apt to attract investors in the token and NFT space. Prospective Metaverse fans and play to earn fans are bound to look forward to vEmpire: The Beginning.

Learn more about vEmpire by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Facebook and Instagram or joining their official Discord serverl.

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