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United Airlines estimates are positive despite increased fare

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United Airlines: Profit is hard to pin down due to the effects of inflation upon several established businesses.

While other organizations are still evaluating their forecast, United Airlines has a prospective 2023 owing to the growing demand for travel.

The news

The multinational airline’s fourth quarter forecast and first-half predictions for 2023 both outperformed Wall Street estimates.

The announcement may be credited to rising expenses and booming demand for travel.

Due to heightened demand for flights and passengers’ willingness to pay more, airlines are once again lucrative.

Given the increase in demand for air travel, the cost of setting up new networks—which includes paying for manpower, fuel, and other expenses—has considerably dropped.

Aircraft backlogs and delays also limit airline growth even as ticket rates go up.


In the last quarter of 2022, United Airlines generated $843 million on $12.4 billion in revenue, a jump of 31% over the same span in the previous three months.

In relation to the same period in 2019, 9% fewer flights were taken, however, there were 14% more revenues.

Even with a 21% rise in unit expenses beginning in 2020, the airline could still turn a profit from its sales.

Only 2% of United Airlines’ stock price increased on Tuesday during the extended trading period.

Despite the winter storms and delays during the key Christmas travel season, the quarterly update is yet another hopeful sign that airlines will end the year fruitfully.

Other airlines

One of the many major airlines, United, hopes for a successful year.

Profits and sales for Delta Air Lines significantly outpaced Wall Street expectations last week.

However, an unexpected pilot labor arrangement leads to an increase in costs, which negates its expected first-quarter revenues.

American Airlines raised its sales and profit projections for the fourth quarter.

On January 26, a report will be released to the public.

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Fourth quarter

Refinitiv looked at United Airlines’ fourth-quarter data and typical estimates.

  • Adjusted earnings per share: $2.46
  • Total revenue: $12.4 billion

These estimates originate from Wall Street.

  • Adjusted earnings per share: $2.10
  • Total revenue $12.2 billion

2023 expectations

From January through March 2023, according to United Airlines, revenue will increase by 50% versus the same period last year.

The airline anticipates first-quarter earnings per share of between 50 cents and $1.

Refinitiv reports that it is higher than the 25-cent analyst forecasts.

United Airlines anticipates a 20% rise in flight activity in the first quarter over the same period last year.

Airlines expect capacity growth to remain in the upper high teens for the entire year, as opposed to 2022.

The study explores the fact that the significant price rise could continue to level off as airlines add more flights, even though unit revenues (revenue per available seat mile) remain unchanged from what they were last year.

The industry’s potential will be curtailed, according to United, by a lack of pilots, outdated equipment, and personnel issues.

Staff plans

Even if Covid’s labor limitation in the aviation industry remains a hurdle, some airlines want to boost their crew and pilot hires this fiscal year.

United Airlines reports that the Calibrate apprenticeship program started in the first several months of 2022 and that the United Aviate Academy officially opened its doors in November.

According to the airline, a completely revamped and enlarged flight attendant training site has opened in Houston.

The terms of a new labor agreement between United and its pilots are still being worked out.

The pilots’ union has not accepted a proposed compensation increase deal between Delta and the pilots.

United pilot union

After the previous leader resigned, the pilots’ union for United Airlines is preparing to pick a new head.

According to CEO Scott Kirby, the election will be settled this month.

Kirby predicts that after the new leader is chosen, talks will be brought up around February 7.

He said that the contract for the pilot will be finalized quickly.

In order to maintain non-fuel cost more routinely than the past year, United stated that it expects new deals with pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and airport staff.

According to Scott Kirby, the Federal Aviation Administration’s most recent system failure shows how the industry’s supply limits are a sign of a greater serious infrastructure problem.

He said that the resources usually used to maintain aviation infrastructure were being depleted by the FAA’s use for space and drones.

“They’ve had to rob Peter to pay Paul,” said Kirby. “They just don’t have enough resources.”

Kirby revealed that he makes two trips a month to Washington, DC, to lobby for more funding.


United results top estimates a demand remains resilient despite high fares

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