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Ugo Fine Arts Launches Exhibition for Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues plague people worldwide today. As cases of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and a slew of other mental health problems remain prevalent, some thought leaders step up to use their craft and platform to bring more awareness to the pressing global issue. One such influencer is fine arts personality Ugo Agoruah and his gallery, Ugo Fine Arts.

In recent days, the Nigerian-American artist has announced the launch of “Art Nexus: Realm of Virtues,” an exhibition of selected artists to build mental health awareness while also taking a creative approach to humanities’ moral excellence. “Art Nexus is a hub, a portal that links together different worlds and gives them all one place in which to take part in communion,” shares Ugo. “The event is an annual creative event I organized with the aim of uplifting and bringing together the spirits of different concentrations of creatives and patrons alike.”

Ugo Agoruah is the founder and owner of Ugo Fine Arts, a virtual gallery to express the artist’s inner thoughts and beliefs through visual and interactive media. The virtual exhibit is also a peek into the artist’s journey through mental health challenges and an account of his personal growth. Ugo’s work is a direct derivative of the inspirations he gets from music and life. The artist deals with varying subject matters that include everything under the sun and beyond. Ugo finds great interest in the superficial and deep, metaphysical and mundane. 

Ugo Agoruah has always been one to step outside the four walls of his comfort zone and explore new truths and experiences throughout his career. He has traveled far and wide to cultivate new ideas and approaches to art. 

Before pursuing art full time, Ugo pursued a career in the natural sciences. He was a biology major at Kennesaw State University who was searching for himself. “I planned to reassess what it was that I wanted to do with my life,” recalls the artist. “It was difficult, and instead of really giving myself the time that I needed, I started to overwork myself. It wasn’t long before it caught up to me and I spiraled into a depression catalyzed by my existential crisis.” 

Today, after having stepped back to look at the bigger picture, Ugo Agoruah has found himself immersed in art, working out of a studio at the ArtsXchange of East Point Atlanta. He now uses his art to speak on identity, love, emotion, sensuality, and appreciation for life. Moreover, he hopes to turn Ugo Fine Arts into an active voice in fighting mental health issues.


With his upcoming exhibition, “Art Nexus: Realm of Virtues,” Ugo brings together artists from the Atlanta region and abroad to showcase the community’s best of art while also experiencing a new wave of art, vulnerability, and empowerment. Realm of Virtues’ opening reception will be on Friday, November 6, 2020, from 6 to 10 PM at the Azjio Gallery. The exhibit will last until November 8. 

“Art Nexus: Realm of Virtues” by Ugo Fine Arts’ opening will also feature acts from Baba Kenneth Zakee, Justin “Juice the Poet” Goode, and East Atlanta’s premier saxist, Joshua Woods. The event is free admission to the general public. Sponsors in part by Ether Elite Solutions and Suga Cane Syrup Studio. 

To learn more about Ugo Agoruah and Ugo Fine Arts, visit their website, Facebook page, & IG(@Ugo_finearts).


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