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Tronic Inc.: A New Marketplace for Digital Artists to Thrive and Deliver Value to Digital Creators

The digital space has been on a roll for the last couple of years with different advancements ranging from blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Web 3.0, NFTs, and the metaverse. With these innovative technologies taking shape and gaining grounds, more solutions based on these technologies are equally making it to the fore. Tronic Inc. is the newest product in the digital space, and it is set to open up more opportunities for artists and collectors.

Tronic is an upcoming marketplace designed to host a wide variety of art collections from globally renowned modern artists, tattoo artists, and other categories of creators. The platform focuses on releasing drops that range from fun to playful and hardcore utility-focused. As the platform’s development is still in the works, the creators have planned to release its first drop—its signature project called the Tronic Pass. Tronic Pass will give holders access to all the new tools the team is building and early access to news about new drops and whitelist spots.

The Tronic marketplace is a platform designed for people who want to collect art and is also actively involved in developing new tools for artists and hardcore collectors. “We plan on making transactions simple and will have the ability for users to check out via CC coming very soon,” a spokesperson for the project said. Holding a Tronic Pass offers some perks and benefits exclusive only to holders. The most notable perk is lifetime access to the creator tools in development to help creators build and market their future drops. Other benefits for holders of the Tronic Pass include monthly giveaways, rewards, and airdrops.

Tronic Inc. hopes to give creators, especially NFT creators, all they need to dominate the digital space and thrive with their unique collections. Tronic Pass will also give all its holders the chance to enjoy the Tronic Platform Creator Tools and give their recommendations before releasing them to the public. The TroniCon event, a Web 3.0 Conference, is coming soon, and the only way for holders to get access is through Tronic Pass.

Beyond getting access to a wide range of tools, Tronic Inc. is all about giving creators, artists, and brands dream big in the Web 3.0 future. The developers hope to make it the most customer-centric Web 3.0  company on earth and take pole position in the league of companies based on blockchain technology. According to the platform’s website, “We want to be a part of the advanced world, and we want everyone to come along with us. That is why we are dedicated to helping individuals and brands make the transition to Web3 through partnerships and projects that are fair, useful, make sense, and move us all forward together.

Learn more about Tronic through their website, Twitter, and Discord server.

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