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Trace Bartruff Ready to Impact Others Through Social Media

In this day and age of digital revolution, social media has put influencers and thought leaders in an important position. And in a time where influencers mostly use their platform to show off their fancy cars and get into the latest dance crazes, young yet promising social media personality Trace Bartruff aspires to do something completely different. He hopes to make an impact on other people’s lives. 

Trace is only 14 years old, but make no mistake about it. He has the tenacity, work ethic, and charisma that surpasses his age many times over. A social media influencer who hit over seven thousand followers on Instagram only to start from scratch after a profile hack, the young influencer showed the maturity and perseverance to press forward. Today, he’s starting fresh and has already hit close to five thousand followers in record time. 

But this new beginning is exactly that for Trace Bartruff- a beginning. And like any fresh start, he’s more than ready to keep writing his own story, growing his influence more through the years and becoming a full-fledged inspirer and passion-chaser who uses his voice to speak truth and life to people. Moreover, he’s more than willing to listen, engage with, and build relationships with his followers, turning monologues into two-way conversations to the best of his ability. 

The teenage influencer hails from Ohio but has growing networks in California, New York, and many other parts of the country. Trace started his social media career in the late half of 2020 amidst the growing turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic, muscling through the challenges and coming out on top every time. 

Trace’s strategy is simple. He focuses on building value in others by showing goodness in various forms. “Right now, I am focusing on being positive, kind, interacting with my audience, and giving them positive vibes,” shares Trace Bartruff. “These, alongside my interesting content, are bound to put me out there more.” Amidst lockdowns, Trace used the spare time to self-reflect and discover what he truly wanted to achieve in life. Despite his age, he has built an advanced form of self-awareness that has brought clarity on his goals and dreams in life. 

Today, Trace continues to build on his untapped potentials and discover various ways to gain traction on social media and bring value to others. He has started blogging and sharing bits of wisdom to people his age and beyond. A true lover of today’s digital trends, Trace also continues to brush up his digital skills and become a master of the art of social media influencing. More than anything, the youngster is passionate and hungry, driven by a desire to do more for others and get to know more people outside of his immediate network. 

As early as now, Trace knows where he’s going and what it will take for him to get there. This 2021, he hopes to continue absorbing more from communities and other experts and set his brand up to hit the 50,000 follower mark and reach verified status in the next five years. Trace dares to introduce his true self to the world and win people over with his liveliness, enthusiasm, and pure authenticity. 

Learn more about Trace Bartruff by visiting his website and Instagram account