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Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle Card NFT: the First-Ever Licensed MLB NFT to Hit OpenSea

Just when NFT (non-fungible tokens) experts and beginners alike assume that they have seen it all, more groundbreaking and standout projects explode into the digital collectibles scene, which is not surprising as creators and companies push the barriers and explore the limits of digital assets being hosted on the blockchain. The latest project to capture the attention of people in the space, especially avid sports fans, is the upcoming release of the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle Card NFT.

Forever a prized collectible in any sports fans possession, the Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle Card emerges as a coveted vintage relic now being transformed for the digital age. It is highly considered one of the world’s most rare collectibles, and the news that fans will now have the opportunity to mint Mantle’s legacy on the Ethereum blockchain rippled not only throughout the digital collectibles industry but also within the sports realm. 

A professional baseball player for the New York Yankees, Mickey Mantle helped the team win seven World Series. With an astounding 536 home runs under his belt, the Baseball Hall of Famer is dubbed an icon, loved for his talent, drive, and kindness. After his death in 1995, the sports world continued to commemorate his accomplishments, a nod that will also be at the heart of the auction on March 1. 

Estimated to run for 72 hours, the upcoming auction will feature the first-ever licensed MLB NFT on OpenSea: a Topps 1952 Mickey Mantle Card. Imagery used in the NFT collectible is from an actual card from the original Topps 1952 release, pulled from Topps’ digital archives and inserted into the NFT showcase now being offered as a 1-of-1 digital collectible. 

The NFT will be minted as an ERC-721 token. The Topps Timeless Series is a new collection celebrating the company’s most iconic baseball cards. For sports fans, baseball enthusiasts, sports memorabilia collectors, crypto consumers, high profile digital and physical auction bidders, and NFT lovers, the iconic Topps baseball card sets the stage for the launch of future nostalgia-driven collections and the celebration of past legends and household names. 

The first of March is expected to be an exciting day for those interested in this 1-of-1 NFT. The auction will start at 1 pm EST and will conclude on March 4, and any bid placed in the last ten minutes of the auction will extend the auction an additional ten minutes., The lucky winner will also be given the rare opportunity to have a 30-minute video interview with Mickey Mantle’s sons, Danny and David. 

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