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Token Realty—Central Florida’s First Cryptocurrency Real Estate Brokerage

There is nothing more complicated than introducing new technology to a traditional industry. And as much as the 21st century is all about innovation and technological advancements, one industry that has remained unchanged over time remains the real estate industry. This is because the process of selling and buying a house has remained largely unchanged through the decades. However, when Alice Adkins left Vietnam and moved to the United States, little did she know that she would be revolutionizing an entire business sector, that is, real estate. Alice founded Token Realty as a modern way of facilitating real estate transactions with cryptocurrency, thereby becoming the first brokerage and one of the few operating in the whole of Central Florida/Orlando that handles real estate transactions with cryptocurrency.

Alice N. Adkins is a young and ambitious entrepreneur who, despite being 17 when she relocated to the United States from Vietnam, has managed to face every adversity squarely and overcome them while facing the struggle of adapting to her new environment. Alice spent the next few years building herself. Once she got into real estate, she instantly turned the endeavor into a personal playground by quickly raising her profile to become one of the highly sought-after realtors in the whole of Central Florida. She hardly stopped there because not only is she a first-class realtor, she is also on a mission to revolutionize the sector through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

According to Alice, one of the first things she identified as soon as she joined the real estate business was the crude and traditional way realtors and their clients conducted business. A foresighted individual, Alice knew that such a method would not survive for long and, sooner or later, the traditional method of conducting business would cease to be relevant in the future; therefore, she decided to introduce blockchain technology into real estate.

With Token Realty, Adkins hopes to use blockchain technology to eliminate real estate problems such as excessive fees, lag in the process, human faults, and payment process for all the parties involved. Token Realty is, for now, one fish in a vast ocean; however, every step so far has been in the right direction. With the success recorded so far, there is no limit to how far Token Realty could go on to revolutionize the real estate industry.

Alice Adkins is committed to her mission of getting more people to understand, practice, and invest in real estate, especially with blockchain technology. And for the next five years, she hopes that more businesses will embrace the use of technology. As more people embrace the idea, Token Realty, a pioneer in the industry, will be in pole position to help others learn and get signed on the technology. She described Token Realty as “a 100% commission brokerage to empower agents to be independent and keep more money in their pockets.”

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