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This Young Serial Entrepreneur has Funded 400+ Startups – Meet Husnain Kamran

Husnain Kamran
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The world is full of challenges. You will find innumerable challenges and competitors as you progress, but you will hardly find someone willing to help and provide you with the proper orientation and mentoring to thrive. You may be fortunate enough to find a true mentor in your journey to establishing a brand-new business. However, finding someone to invest capital into your business is a much more tricky challenge. 

You have all the potential you need to establish your business, but your skillset and talent will be of no use if you need more capital to get your startup running. Besides, to convince an investor to inject capital into your business, you will need more than just skills. Building trust as someone who has just stepped into entrepreneurship takes work. 

However, you would not lose hope in establishing your line of business only if you knew where to find the right investors to invest in your startup. In the corporate world, you will find several kinds of investors, even though the right ones are difficult. But once you successfully find the investors, their objectives may not let them help you get your business up and running.

Therefore, for the corporate world amateurs, angel investors come forward to help. Several venture capitalists may want to avoid investing in a brand-new business. Their objective is to own a significant profit by injecting their capital into an already running trade. Angel investors, however, invest in entrepreneurs than in the business itself. 

The Angel Investor You Need

Born in Lahore, Pakistan. Husnain Kamran is reaching the horizons of success and fame worldwide. He was 13 when he launched his first business with the help of YouTube. Within a few years, he established himself as a renowned angel investor who runs his own investment firm, HK Investment Group. 

As successfully as he has established several businesses at such a young age, he is helping many new emerging entrepreneurs to launch their own startups. Unlike venture capitalists, angel investors are helping entrepreneurs to get on their feet rather than investing in ongoing businesses to earn a significant amount of their profit. 

You will find people depending on inspiration to keep them going. However, Husnain Kamran has beliefs that are contrary to the usual ones. He believes that one does not need motivation, but the desire to create something new and accomplish success is what keeps a person going. 

What Makes Husnain’s Firm Different? 

While other investment firms rely on small-scale investors or general public funding, Husnain Kamran has built a team of investors known to provide extensive capital since they have high levels of expertise in cryptocurrency and other forms of investment. His firm and its members have a completely distinct approach to helping entrepreneurs build their startups. 

Husnain Kamran and his team focus on the ideas emerging entrepreneurs have. He says that a mediocre idea and an A-grade team can make it possible for a new startup to get up and to run and succeed in the process. However, he emphasizes that even if the idea of the startup is incredible, if the founding team is not up to the mark, it is inevitable that they will go on a path to failure until it goes down completely. 

Moreover, Husnain and his team want evidence that the founding team has profound research regarding the startup and its market, the sector in which the startup would operate, the competitors in the field, and the target audience of the startup. If not, he believes that they would only find the business to fail in the startup’s early days. 

Furthermore, he says that for a startup to flourish, the founding team must be flexible enough to let go of the areas of business that do not prove to be productive. He claims that if the founding team is willing to learn as their startup is in process, they can do a lot more to succeed in their business field. 

The Key to Success is Hustle

Husnain Kamran has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and a business tycoon who began his journey to success all on his own. As he says, “Never have I seen a hustler fail. I’ve never seen a hustler not succeed.” He believes that hustle is the actual key to success. 

He believes that an individual who wants to reach the horizon of success must never give up, regardless of the times life has knocked him down. According to him, a hustler must keep on trying even after several failed attempts, as one day, they will be successful. The reason is that Husnain Kamran has never witnessed a hustler fail and not succeed at something they have been so earnestly trying. 

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