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Third Eye Apes is Promoting Financial Independence in the NFT Space

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) have achieved global popularity over the first quarter of 2021. And as the interest in these digital collectibles continues to grow, more companies are dipping their toes in the NFT sector. Joining the line-up of headline-grabbing projects launching their collections is Third Eye Apes

From the moment they were announced, Third Eye Apes has already managed to draw the attention of thousands of NFT enthusiasts with their design and narrative featuring the wisest of the apes in the meta that come seeking to enlighten all those of the future of NFTs, VR, and the metaverse.

The collection of 10,000 Apes is completely hand-drawn from start to finish by Miami, FL-based artist Deion’dre Deveaux. Each ape is generated at random using over 150 various traits featuring diverse skins, facial expressions, jewelry, clothing, and many more. To make things more interesting, some of the traits correspond to free gifts, including a supercar and an income-generating Amazon Store.  

Third Eye Apes distinguishes itself from other NFT Projects by going beyond what is expected of tokens. More than just owning digital collectibles, the holders are granted access to a group that is dedicated to advancing Web 3.0 and giving back to the community. 

Currently, the developers are adhering to an extensive roadmap that the NFT community can participate in to help the project change the world for the better in the foreseeable future. Third Eye holders will be able to stake their NFTS in exchange for a community-exclusive token called $TEAS that can be used for a number of future utilities, one of which is breeding. There are also plans for a purchase of an island in the metaverse, which the token holders will have the IP rights to use. Additionally, there will be giveaways where the prize will be e-commerce stores to randomly selected Apes.

Behind the project is a team of expert creatives and seasoned marketing veterans that worked tirelessly to build a community that promotes value and utility. The Third Eye Apes team aspires to achieve financial independence while also expanding their role and positive impact on the development of the new world. As a testament to this, Third Eye Apes token holders are provided the ability to finance Amazon or Walmart stores by staking their ape. There will also be a discussion about community revenue opportunities to invest in, such as other NFT projects or real-life businesses that community members will have exclusive access to. 

At the core of Third Eye Apes is its commitment to adding the most value to the marketplace while developing a product that is built on the foundation of longevity and innovation of the industry. Seeing as how Third Eye Apes is one of the most active NFT projects dedicated to bringing wealth and wisdom to its members, people from all walks of life who are invested in cryptography and Web 3.0 will surely benefit from joining the community. 

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