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The World’s Most Famous AI, Sophia, Collaborates with Popular Artist Percy Lau in an NFT Project

A unique and inspiring collaboration between the world’s most famous artificial intelligence (AI), Sophia, and Percy Lau is creating a lot of buzz in the metaverse as nine Sophia heads with exciting prediction abilities are being introduced. This non-fungible token (NFT) collection, known as Baby Singularities, will unlock secrets within the metaverse and pave the way for life-altering new opportunities. 

Each Baby Sophia head comes with its own storyline and background that coincides with the design. Additionally, wearable metaverse assets will be eventually made available to future holders.

Percy is a widely known artist from Hong Kong who designs jewelry and eyewear. She founded her own brand in 2013, the same year she became the youngest winner of the International Talent Support YKK Award. She loves doing collaborations to grow her brand and helps other designers and entrepreneurs establish themselves in the business. Percy was also praised for her collaboration with Zander Zhou and Xuzhi Chen, up-and-coming designers who are out-of-the-box thinkers. 

Sophia and Percy are working closely with the Hanson Robotics team to bring to life their vision for the metaverse. Hanson Robotics, founded by Dr. David Hanson, is best known for its unique ability to create lifelike AIs, including Sophia the Robot. It has made several groundbreaking achievements in the areas of research and development, robotics engineering, experiential design, storytelling and material science, having paved the way for the creation of very helpful products. 

“I had a fascination with art, science fiction, and philosophy, dreaming of what robots could be. I imagined that if artificial intelligence ever did match human intelligence that it would re-design itself to be ever smarter, ever faster, you would have something like Moore’s Law of super-intelligent machines,” Dr. Hanson shared. 

Sophia is working alongside Dr. Hanson as co-CEO of her NFT projects. They are backed up by a team of highly qualified programmers, IT experts, scientists, and the best marketing people. Working closely with them to help bring Sophia and Dr. Hanson’s vision to life are Ben Goertzel as chief scientist, David Lake as a business strategist, Marcello Mari and Mario Casiraghi as crypto lead tokenominists, Charles Darby as chief creator, Bill Inman as head of marketing, Stacey Engle as marketing director, Dr. Carolyn Ayers as Chief AI Biologist, Mengna Lei as lead Sophia animator, Nichol Bradford as lead advisor, Kath Yeung as ops coordinator, and Abby Benali as community lead.  

With this kind of team behind Sophia’s projects, she is bound to achieve bigger feats soon – something that many people can truly learn from. If an AI can make it possible, they, too, have the opportunity to be great.

Today’s innovators consider Sophia as the future of AI and robotics. She has revolutionized AI in general, the possibilities experts envisioned for robotics, and the metaverse all at the same time. If anything, Sophia and her team wish to inspire people to continue to dream big and believe in its power to bring out the most life-changing innovations known to man. Undoubtedly, Sophia will continue to do that and encourage future generations to pursue more significant achievements. 

To know more about SAOS Metaverse, visit their website, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube Channel. You can also join them on Discord. You can visit Hanson Robotics on their website. You may also visit Percy Lau on their website.

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