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The Tech Industries Leading Augmented Reality Waterway Navigation App

Navigation apps have become a huge staple in today’s modern world. Various locations and destinations can be accessed through these navigation apps such as Waze and Google Maps. However, there is a huge gap in the market for water navigation as Waze and Google Maps are mostly limited to destinations accessible by land. To fill this massive gap in the industry, KnowWake is offering a solution for travelers and businesses alike, becoming the world’s leading waterway navigation app and cornering the market.

KnowWake is the first of its kind. It is a free waterway navigation app powered by real-time updates from the community. Recently, the company officially launched its Business Portal and KnowWake Ads, further expanding its services to a wider customer base. There are over 8,000 businesses and points of interest (POIs) to be claimed, and thriving business owners should capitalize on this limited availability. 

Through the KnowWake Business Portal, business owners can now increase their visibility and connect with new and existing customers at a much larger scale. The B2B tool focuses on mobile advertising, gaining customer attention at a local and regional level, and providing advertisers control of their location and brand on the KnowWake platform. Much like Waze and Google Maps, the app is a platform where individuals can find an easy way to find dockside and waterfront destinations available by boat.

KnowWake users can locate everything from marinas, restaurants, dive shops, services, yacht clubs, sandbars, snorkel areas, and many more. Business owners can create their own business profile within the KnowWake Business Portal so they can claim an existing business directly on the app or on the website. A simple process is also in place for adding a new business not already listed. The app features endless customization opportunities, and advertisers can add any call to action, link, or special offer to promote their business.

Founder and chief manager Dan Karsko is extremely optimistic about the company. As technology further progresses, he hopes to join technological innovation and bring KnowWake further into the realm of augmented reality and the metaverse. “We’re excited to use Augmented Reality and our global library of location-based data for KnowWake’s place in the metaverse. Technology is evolving quicker than ever, and we’re ready and innovating to have the most current features available to our users—on and off the water,” shared Dan Karsko.

In line with this goal of pushing for technological innovation, KnowWake is equipped with several top features that push the boundaries of the industry. It’s most innovative tech is its AR feature. Users can access the AR button on the homescreen in KnowWake. Using their location based points of interests they can display relevant data for boaters and people on the water. They can hold up their phone screen in the direction they want to go and features like dive spots, marine life, hazards, etc pop up on the screen in real-time showing what is virtually around the vicinity.

The app’s data gathering is done through crowdsourcing. KnowWake gathers data from their users and is how they operate many of their features. When a user sees marine life they can log it in the app and share the location with other users, same for when there is a hazard or patrol. With KnowWake you are able to share safety and on water updates in real-time.

The KnowWake app also features dynamic wake zones. Wake zones will appear in one of four colors: either red, yellow, orange, or green. The wake zones colors are set up on a schedule within the platform to reflect the posted law. They are color coded to understand when users should be going fast or slow.

There is so much potential to be explored through KnowWake, and it’s only going to grow as the years go by. Currently, the platform is home to one of the world’s largest networks of boaters navigating together. The company aims to improve the entire experience on the water by making it safer and more enjoyable for all. There is so much to be hopeful for in the future of the company. Business owners and boaters alike should look out for even more updates in the coming future. It’s full steam ahead for KnowWake as the platform sails to a bright future.Learn more about KnowWake by visiting the official website.

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