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The Stock Market vs. Sports Betting: How Different Are They from Each Other?

Numerous people who invest in the stock market very rarely engage in sports betting, which too many individuals consider too risky for their taste. Most financially literate people would say sports betting entails too many risks. But if they really think hard about it, are the two that different from each other?

If the gauge is the degree of risks involved, it is also safe to say that the stock market involves a lot of risks. The stock market value of any company is usually dependent on the market demand and the demand for their shares, which is a strong determiner of the overall performance of an organization. Naturally, when an organization is very stable, investors are drawn to its stocks as they see its potential as a long-term investment. 

With sports betting, bettors get to choose where they want to place their money, much like in stocks. Both look at possibilities and make an intelligent decision as to which one will bring them a great win. So, if there is one common factor between the stock market and sports betting, it would be predicting the future, as both necessitate a keen look at the candidates involved before making a final choice or bet. 

Overall, these risks are not far from being similar to the ones involved when choosing which stocks to buy. Sometimes, to make the most of every opportunity, all it takes is a change in perspective.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Washington, Ryan O’Rourke has been traversing the world of sports for as long as he can remember. Fueled by his passion, he started as a Division 1 collegiate athlete to the sports consultant he is today, backed by over a decade of experience in sports betting and a rare skill set no other professional in the industry has. With his knowledge and expertise, Ryan saw an opportunity to use his experience in statistics and athletics to help ordinary people use sports betting as a stable source of income. 

Ryan has played sports at higher levels than ordinary folks, allowing him to see minute nuances others would just miss. His quantitative acumen also gives him a sharp advantage over others, leading him to develop a system with a consistent win rate of over 60%.

“That’s when I knew I had something,” Ryan said. “I developed a system with my statistics background, and after two to three months of hitting a high percentage of picks, I realized this was not luck. Strategic sports betting is not gambling. Gambling lose; I don’t,” he added. 

Piquing his curiosity about the world of sports betting after watching the movie, Two for the Money, Ryan tested the waters to see if he could apply the principles he saw in the film in real life. And he did. When he had his first eureka moment in sports betting, that’s when he knew he had found his gift. 

Gaining confidence in himself in picking sure winners, he built the foundations of his career in sports betting. But it was not until the 2018 NBA season that he began to see significant rewards for his gift monetarily. From there, Ryan kept betting and made over $100,000 from February to April that year alone, and he hasn’t turned back ever since. 

“I have developed a system using just math variables that I have molded and perfected over the last ten years–trial and error and long nights and over 10,000 game bets,” Ryan shared. “I want to help people profit from sports, which is not only exciting but fun. But just like any investment, I tell my clients that it’s no different than the stock market or a 401k. Whether you have a $500 bankroll or a $500,000 bankroll to start up with, you have to be able to let the ups and downs of the season take place. But with my system, it’s been proven to be around 59% to 66% on the win rate,” the consultant explained further. 

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, so does Ryan’s passion for leveraging its opportunities to change lives. With a formula that was brought simply from curiosity, Ryan proves that creativity and innovation hand-in-hand can truly go a long way. 

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