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The Snake Mob Arrives on Ethereum Blockchain, Aims to Help Wrongly Incarcerated Citizens

Snakes are usually labeled as selfish creatures, but The Snake Mob is using the character to bring justice to the wrongly imprisoned through its NFT collection. The Snake Mobsters are the first of its kind in the NFT space. At first glance, they may appear like usual thug snakes wearing iconic pieces, but each NFT is a tool to help people who do not deserve to be behind bars start anew. 

Each Snake Mobster NFT is unique, generated from over 140 possible traits, including expressions, headwear, eyewear, clothing, and more. All NFTs in the collection are equipped with game-changing utilities, but some snakes are rarer than others. 

The collection is the first on the Ethereum blockchain to use the snake character decorated with various iconic pieces from pop culture and the fashion industry, such as Rick Owens, Cartier, Moncler, Acne Studios, YZY, and more. In addition, each Snake Mobster NFT holds miscellaneous objects, including signs, video game controllers, mobster guns, bankrolls, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, joints, backwoods, and many other pieces. Some NFTs even possess COVID masks or diamond, gold, and silver grills. Boasting stunning, high-quality art, The Snake Mob is truly a project to watch. 

The Snake Mob features 5,555 randomly generated Snake Mobster NFTs developed and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features cunning, ruthless, and stylish snakes out to conquer the world. The Snake Mob is known for its notoriety in racketeering, money laundering, and midnight poker games; and they are out to conquer the NFT space. But contrary to their reputation, The Snake Mob aims to bring justice to those who have been unlawfully robbed of their freedom. 

The Snake Mob was made by Big Brain Labs, a community-based company built on the principles of progression, hence making the NFT project a venture for the community. Big Brain Labs focuses on addressing the US criminal justice system, supporting emancipation, and addressing racial discrimination in the judicial system. The company is home to young visionaries headed by two 21-year-old big-brained artists. 

“We intend to fully realize our plan in building a truly mob-worthy community,” shared the creators. “Another goal of ours is to overflow each Mobster’s wallet with 5-20+ ETH by the end of 2023. After launch, the Mob will be hosting parties in NYC! Your Snake Mobster NFT will be your ticket of admission,” they added.

Paying their success forward, The Snake Mob will be giving away a portion of their proceeds to The Sentencing Project, an advocacy center working for decarceration. The organization aims to help those who are unlawfully imprisoned and locked up for offenses they did not commit. Therefore, people who join The Snake Mob will be actively playing a role in ensuring that everyone gets the justice they deserve.

The Snake Mob NFT will be available for minting on OpenSea. The presale price is at 0.03 ETH, while the general public sale price is at 0.07 ETH. Holders will own commercial rights to their NFT, giving them the freedom to sell, auction, or trade their tokens. 

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