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The Rewards Bunny Story: Becoming an A List Blockchain Company

Great blockchain projects with massive potential; those are the types of companies that Herd Ventures partners with as it seeks to advance innovations in the world of cryptocurrency. And Rewards Bunny, which is one of the latest companies to enter into a strategic partnership with Herd, definitely fits the bill.

“Our primary focus has always been keeping it easy to use our platform,” says Jacky Goh, CEO and Co-Founder of Rewards Bunny. “People are very busy these days, so we give them an opportunity to earn more by spending less. With Rewards Bunny, people are one easy click away from investment success.”

The Rewards Bunny platform offers users a simple onramp to the world of crypto. It starts with users selecting one of the more than 1,000 online retailers listed on the Rewards Bunny site, which include names like Amazon, Best Buy, Nike, Walmart, eBay, Dell, and more, with new shops being added every day. After clicking through to the store they choose, users shop as usual, then get cashback on a percentage of their purchases, sometimes as much as 50 percent cashback, deposited to their Rewards Bunny account.

And to keep their crypto account growing, all users need to do is keep shopping. Because they never need to put in their own cash, the risk is virtually non-existent. As rewards are earned, users can choose to receive them in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, or US currency, as well as the Rewards Bunny token, which is the first adaptive elastic tax token on the Binance Smart Chain. And thanks to a partnership with Binance Pay, Reward Bunny users can access their cashback rewards without withdrawal fees.

“We want to share the benefits of crypto with a new wave of users who are looking for a way to invest with less risk,” explains Ivaylo Yovkov, COO and Co-Founder of Rewards Bunny. “We hope that helping them to earn and spend crypto easily would encourage them to add crypto to their investment portfolio.”

To add to the ease of investing, Rewards Bunny recently released browser extensions that can be used with the most popular browsers to make sure that you never miss a cashback opportunity. The extensions notify users who are not using the Rewards Bunny portal when they are shopping on a Reward Bunny partner website.

While the volatility in the crypto market has proved to be an insurmountable challenge for many blockchain companies, Rewards Bunny has found flexibility to be a key to its ongoing success.

“One thing that we have learned from our success is the importance of being able to adapt and improvise,” says Ivaylo. “The ongoing Covid pandemic and the possible appearance of crypto regulations have created an unpredictable situation. We are committed to always finding new ways to move Rewards Bunny forward despite any challenges we may face.”

Jacky echoes Ivaylo’s feelings on the strength that Rewards Bunny has found in being flexible: “Adaptability is a necessary trait to have in today’s business world. And adaptability is our strong suit.”

In 2022, Rewards Bunny will be exploring the next phase of its development as part of the 500 Global Launch San Francisco, a program that provides promising Singapore-based startups with masterclasses in business growth and development. The program will introduce the Rewards Bunny team to a network of mentors with experience in growing startup projects.

Through its partnership with Herd Ventures, Rewards Bunny will gain access to expert advice on a variety of topics such as marketing, brand management, and future Web 3.0 ecosystems. 

“The Herd is always looking for the most innovative and creative blockchain projects aimed at ushering in the decentralized revolution,” says Ivaylo. “We are excited about how they can help us with future developments involving the Metaverse and NFTs.

Projects in the Rewards Bunny pipeline include a mobile app and a Rewards Bunny card that can be used like a traditional debit card, both of which will support their mission of making crypto more accessible and less risky.

“Every time a new user joins the Rewards Bunny platform and starts their crypto journey, it shows what a valuable service we are providing,” says Jacky. “Ultimately, we’d love to see Rewards Bunny be the one-stop station for crypto cashback, where everyone can earn rewards that multiply like bunnies.”