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The Realities of Big Businesses in Moscow

And how is this connected with the annexation of a part of Nagorno-Karabakh to Azerbaijan.

Is national capitalism, which we were promised in the early 90s, possible? The just system, where there is complete freedom of entrepreneurship and self-realization. Are there responsible businessmen who earn themselves and provide employees in accordance with their work? Maybe there are, but not now in Russia. We will leave this theoretical question for economists, Marxists and sociologists. However, we can say for sure that in practice, in the conditions of the business relations that have now developed in Moscow, fair capitalism with its principles of free competition looks no less utopian than the sun of communism, which never rose over the planet.

 It would be a mistake to think that we, ordinary people, are not concerned with the showdown of big businessmen. Our government has long been a part of this business, and this is no secret to anyone. Therefore, in the end, this state of affairs is reflected in the state, and therefore on each of us. What can we say about relations with neighbouring states? Surprisingly, some, especially gifted people, consider this area of ​​the foreign policy of the Russian Federation to be almost the main achievement of the authorities. This is far from the case, and it is easy to prove what has been said. But first, about a man who tried to lift a dusty carpet, putting a game on public display, which, also, does not differ in the purity of the rules.

There have been plenty of outrageous cases of business seizure in Moscow. But the story of Ilgar Hajiyev is indicative at least by the fact that this Russian businessman of Azerbaijani origin was taken away from his business using an identical technique, both in his homeland and in Moscow. According to Ilgar himself, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, may be behind all this. But we are more interested in the fact that, apparently, the influence of the head of this solar state is so great that it extends to Moscow. Such a conclusion suggests itself since assets were taken away from the disgraced businessman, not without the help of people from the circle of Sobyanin and Governor Vorobyov, already in our capital. The hope that business in Russia can be conducted in a more civilized format has collapsed.

It all started with the fact that, under pressure from the law enforcement agencies of Azerbaijan, Hajiyev gave up his profitable business. Ironically, the main character in this process was his friend, the chief prosecutor general of Azerbaijan. The close acquaintance was not a guarantee of immunity, but it helped to reveal to the customers of the pressure. As the saying goes, friendship is friendship … Ilgar Hajiyev has no doubts that the Aliyevs, who have practically unlimited power in the mentioned country, was behind the seizure of Azerbaijani business. He yielded 51% of his company worth $ 4 billion to a company related to Heydar Aliyev’s wife, 21% he gave under the control of the aforementioned prosecutor, $ 100 million was devoted directly to the President’s security service of Azerbaijan. In the hopes of a better future, Ilgar left for Moscow to start over.

In Russia, a fellow countryman of Hajiyev, God Nisanov, became a key figure. The authoritative businessman had multiple connections in the Moscow mayor’s office and in the office of the governor of the Moscow region. To prove his words, Ilgar cites numerous facts of a lightning-fast solution of issues related to construction in the capital and the allocation of precious Moscow land for it. From his long experience of communicating with these characters and structures, Hahiyev made the main rule of doing business in Moscow – 12% of the monetary income to enter Sobyanin. According to Ilgar, this is what God Nisanov did, introducing a corresponding article into the budget of his group of companies. For a better understanding, In 2019, the official rental income from Kievskaya Ploshchad, Nisanov’s company, amounted to more than $ 1.6 billion. Ilgar accepted these rules and started playing. Soon he managed to “raise” his company SDI Group to a size that interested the governor of the Moscow region.

Vorobiev, according to Hajiyev, acted through his brother Maxim, using him as an intermediary. And the role of the chief negotiator went to the same God Nisanov. He did business quickly, ingenuously and efficiently, as in the 90s. But, of course, it was not without direct threats and demonstration of weapons by the “accompanying” characters. At that meeting, Ilgar Hajiyev agreed with the proposals put forward in a manner unusual for businessmen and wrote an IOU. Soon the SDI Group no longer belonged to him. Of course, there were appeals to law enforcement officers, but what is really there, there was a letter to Himself … but all, of course, to no avail.

And what does Aliev have to do with Moscow affairs? It’s simple. It is well known that the family of the President of Azerbaijan owns real estate in the most prestigious districts of Moscow and the Moscow region. In addition, before leaving his homeland, Hajiyev received numerous threats, which were realized, as planned, in Moscow. Obviously, without the active help from compatriot Aliyev, God Nisanov, and the assistance of the aforementioned persons from the upper echelons of the Russian government, nothing would have happened. Therefore, the story with Ilgar shows how closely businessmen from different countries are connected. And although the author of this text is far from a communist, the winged words of Thomas Joseph Dunning involuntarily come to mind: “With 300% profit, there is no such crime that capital would not risk …”

What about Russia? Its security and statehood are being sold for super-profits. By refusing to help Armenia, the Russian Federation allowed the Turkic peoples into the Transcaucasus for the first time in several centuries, turned a blind eye to the downed planes and helicopters. What kind of fair capitalism can we talk about? Well, it’s better not to remember the place of the people in this game. But do not think, Soloviev, who, according to numerous pieces of evidence, is covering for Aliyev, our authorities, eaten by corruption, and, probably, any bastards who are not lazy to throw him a couple of bones, will explain that in the beautiful Russia of Putin this cannot be.

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