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The Rapid Rise of the Space Shibas Project to the Forefront of the NFT Space

Somehow memes have become essential not only in pop culture but also in day-to-day life, especially communication. People use these fun expressions as a way to drive home important messages. As such, one thriving NFT venture has decided to base its collection on perhaps the most popular of all the memes and aptly named its project Space Shibas. 

The collection contains 10,000 Shibas lost in space which needed to be brought home back on earth. It is a Creative Commons or CC0 project, which means the token holder will have complete autonomy over their Shiba as they are free of copyright.

Inspired by the highly successful Rare Pepes, it will operate as a community curated DAO with the goal of building a brand new meme economy. In fact, the venture has partnered with to create a one-of-a-kind meme playing card game. 

Because of its similarities in concept with previous NFT projects, some people have initially expressed their reservation with Space Shibas. However, its developers have perfectly explained what makes their venture special and the things that separate it from the competition.

They confidently said, “We have a clear observable history of understanding the nuances of derivative meme art culture and monetizing it, the likes of which almost no other project in the space can compare themselves to. We are committed to doing what we have done historically: creating insane value from memetic NFTs, and we will succeed.”

The remarkable collection took off on October 31st and can be minted via OpenSea. In addition to its launch, they have given away free Shiba trading cards NFTs created by This will serve as Series 1 of its upcoming community meme playing card game. 

When 100% of the tokens get minted, holders can start accumulating one $SPACEBONE a day for the next six years. At the same time, those who wish to have their original Space Shibas card accepted for the community playing card game will be required to burn their $SPACEBONES on December 31st.

Undoubtedly, the venture is rooted in a unique and distinct concept that centers around creating a solid community of like-minded individuals. Everyone from NFT collectors, art lovers, dog lovers to long term cryptocurrency holders will surely find something they like about the collection. 

The creators of the incredible collection are hopeful that as more people discover the wonders of Space Shibas, the community will continue to grow and thrive. They also shared appreciation for their investors and talked about their significant contributions to the future of the project, “We think that these people would be most aligned with building the strongest community possible for Space Shibas so we can grow in the NFT space.”

The upcoming weeks and months are shaping up to be very exciting for the developers and token holders alike as the updates regarding the much-awaited community playing card game start rolling in. 

Interested individuals can learn more about Space Shibas by visiting its official website, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also join in on the community discussions on Discord

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