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The Martians NFT Slowly Expanding to Delve Into the Video Game Space Online

The digital space has rapidly evolved over the past two decades, replacing magazines, media, and infomercials as the biggest outlet to introduce masses to trending products. With how absorbed people have become with social media, it can be easy for anyone or anything to go viral. In the early 2010s, cryptocurrency became one of the hottest topics online, and continues to be one of the most talked-about subjects today. This year, Non-Fungible Tokens surged in popularity, becoming one of the most revolutionary digital assets in the modern era.

NFTs come in various forms on the digital plane that range from visual arts and video clips to music and even social media posts, giving developers free reins to use their projects however they want. One of the most popular utilities for NFT has been the integration of their tokens into video games, a common practice among toys years before the digital asset rocked online communities. The Martians NFT is the latest project to join the movement of bringing their tokens to online games.

The Martians is a collection of 10,000 uniquely designed extraterrestrial characters that provide proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. While the majority of NFT projects utilizing digital art have been following the practice of two-dimensional animal-themed tokens, the developers of The Martians decided to take a different route. By utilizing 3D art into the project, The Martians NFT sets itself apart from the conventional trend found in other NFT projects. 

The developers of the Martians NFT have made the tokens available for minting at 0.08 ETH, giving them access to an additional asset pack that includes the full 3D model of their character. Additionally, prospective holders can mint one of the project’s five Golden Martians, which are special tokens with rare gold skin. The Golden Martians are randomly distributed, giving holders an equal chance to mint one either for free or 0.08 ETH. The developers will also offer to buy the Golden Martians back at a floor price of 10 ETH.

The Martians NFT developers have also been hard at work developing a game called The Battle of Mars that takes NFT holders to Mars to participate in an all-out PVP battle with other holders. While the prospect of competing is already exciting enough, the developers have decided to once again throw in a twist that will have holders on the edge of their seats.

“If you own a Martian, you will be able to challenge another Martian from a different faction and win their Martian,” they shared, making The Battle for Mars an even more exciting project for holders, crypto enthusiasts, and gamers to enjoy.

Once the game is released, more Martians will be available in the marketplace, ready for minting. The developers of the brand will be releasing a total of 3,000 NFTs in February next year and another 4,000 in 2022. Learn more about The Martians NFT by visiting their official website.

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