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The High Society: An NFT Project out to Build  Appreciation for Humans

When one thinks about non-fungible tokens, there’s a default image already on our minds— a cute animal or mythical creature brought to life through digital artworks. But there have been very few projects in the space that celebrates human beings. By creating a collection of artworks that feature human beings, The High Society hopes to shed more light on the human race through NFTs. 

The High Society is one of the latest NFT projects to hit the metaverse and is already creating a lot of momentum despite being relatively new. The project is the output of two founders who have a lot of experience in technology and business. As ex-silicon valley entrepreneurs, the masterminds behind this NFT look to radically change the way people think about blockchain and art. 

One of the unique points about the High Society is that it veers away from the templated approach, which is to create an animal character. “This project was put together because the team saw a massive gap in the space that needed to be filled – A genuine appreciation for who we are as humans,” shares one of the founders. “No funny animal characters, no monkeys, just a reflection of us as humans in the Metaverse.” 

Moreover, this project also hopes to shed light on a quickly misjudged culture that has been on the rise as of late— the Cannabis community. As the United States has deemed Marijuana use legal for usage, there has been an increase in demand and appreciation for Cannabis products. Accordingly, the High Society hopes to break down many misjudgments towards the product and culture built on decades of misrepresentation. 

The High Society also hopes to bridge people from all systems, walks of life, and cultures. At the core of its community is a mission to lift other people. It does this by creating a culture that seeks only to bring enjoyment and happiness to the mix. The High Society has lined up many projects and activities for its virtual social club. Ongoing plans for meetups, networking events, and special giveaways to encourage more NFT collectors and incoming enthusiasts to join the digital community. 

The NFT artworks feature a human face with a Cannabis bong as its signature. The background of most of the artworks shows a prominent lounge that ties the whole artwork together. To date, the mint floor price has been announced to be 0.1 ETH and will be available by June 17, 2022, for minting. After that, the NFT drop will happen immediately after. 

Non-fungible tokens have been the centerpiece for metaverse development as more people turn to this format of crypto investment as a means to do two things— build online community and identity and help people scale their net worth through strategic investments. The High Society hopes to join a class of NFT projects that provide financial stability to its collectors and has set up a whitepaper of projects that will allow them to do so.

“Our mission is always to bring something to your living room you can enjoy, share with your friends, and truly be part of what The High Society is,” shares one of the founders. “More than art, our mission is to bring positive vibes to you and those around you. Here in the real world, equally as in the metaverse.”

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