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The City of Gold Ushers in a New Revolution Within the NFT Space

Many entrepreneurs have established their businesses and brands through the years based on legends, stories, and even pop culture, raising them to become significant players in their respective industries. Mythologies, in particular, have often fascinated entrepreneurs, inspiring them to create impactful brands. For example, within the NFT space, Gabriel Pfiefer and Alex Davila took inspiration from the story of El Dorado to create The City of Gold.

Gabriel Pfeifer has extensive experience in sales, generating more than a hundred million in the past ten years while training hundreds of salespeople. He is joined by Alex Davila, an avid and early crypto adopter who has made a reputation for himself in the NFT space as a BBW or Baby Beluga Whale. Together, they conceptualized a unique project for the metaverse with the development of The City of Gold.

The City of Gold is a real-life community-owned world inspired by the ancient myths of El Dorado, wherein Spanish conquistadors were on the search for the renowned city of gold. However, they would soon find that it was a person who was covered in gold and was coated in it every day as part of a ritual.

“Our City of Gold is for entrepreneurs and NFT/metaverse enthusiasts,” said the project founders. “We’re building a community to have seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs share values about NFTs, business, and growing as entrepreneurs. It is focused around enriching our community online and offline.” The project has a Discord server and Instagram and Twitter accounts dedicated to providing updates to the community. 

The upcoming project takes a unique approach to the play-to-earn games that are disrupting the Web 3.0 space by paving the way for the first own-to-earn game and bridging the online gold rush with real-world wealth principles. The City of Gold is decentralizing the control of education held by governments and the 1% with its focus to enrich members online and offline by empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Once the project launches, prospective token holders can mint one of 10,000 digital real estate NFTs consisting of a hundred base models. In addition, people who mint will receive a virtual plot of land that serves as a governance token, allowing holders to participate in future DAO governance decisions on the platform.

“To this point, nobody has developed a realistic metaverse with a focus on commerce and education for our community,” said Gabriel and Alex. “We have many renders behind the scenes not publicly available for the development of properties as well as blueprints for our infrastructure and map rollout.”

The $COG token, the project’s ERC-20 token, will be used to reward residents with staked assets. It will be implemented in various use cases, primarily focusing on in-game utility and gaining access to the golden circle. The in-game economy will also reward the owners of land NFTs and will be governed by its residents. 

With all the focus on developing characters to enter the metaverse, the City of Gold is pioneering a new era of the NFT space and expanding its potential.

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