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The Battle Zombies NFT Bringing a Community Together Beyond Screens

With the recent flood of new coins coming out, it is important for individuals and companies to stand apart in some way. Otherwise, their digitized artwork will just fade into the background among all these tokens currently on the blockchain today. Rising from the dead and also rising to the challenge, The Battle Zombies NFT brings a whole new aspect to the NFT world.

With the flood of NFTs in the digital realm, it’s not enough to just offer 2D art. NFT collections that also offer interactive gaming really stand out from the crowd. The Battle Zombies NFT provides this in two ways.

First, on the digital side, Battle Zombies will come out with a game with a Metaverse ecosystem that brings together gaming, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The game will follow a play-to-win (P2W) and play-to-earn (P2E) model, where players can battle it out against each other to earn rewards. 

In the game, players will also get to own their in-game assets, such as skins, weapons, ranks, etc. All these can be leveraged as NFTs and can therefore be bought, sold, or traded in the marketplace in the form of a native cryptocurrency. This can then be used either within the game or exchanged for fiat currency.

The team behind the Battle Zombies NFTs have also organized the first-ever real-life NFT hunt in London. This is very exciting, as it is the first attempt to merge tangible art with digital NFTs while enriching culture. With this event, the team aims to increase public awareness on NFTs and Web3, which remains in its infancy as far as the public eye is concerned.

Anyone can join in on the hunt, whether they’re from the community or just the general public. Even people who randomly stumble upon the art in public can join in. 

This is how it works: the collection will be brought to partner stores (independent art stores and businesses). Hunters will then look for these stores with some help from clues that the team will post online. Once they locate the stores, they will need to spend a certain amount inside the stores. After that, they can claim their free unique NFT by scanning a unique QR code.

With these exciting events, the Battle Zombies NFT has proven that they care for their community. And the perks don’t just stop there. The team will also be giving away free Demon Dog NFTs for their holders, and 500 lucky members will receive a free limited edition NFT comic strip that visually represents the Battle Zombies’ storyline. 

The team behind the Battle Zombies are also huge proponents of charity, and as such, they will be donating $50,000 to veterans. They will also be bringing together the community beyond screens by hosting a free paintballing event, where members of the community can battle it out in real time.

The advantages of being part of the Battle Zombies community seem to be endless, and the team is committed to making sure there are long-term returns. 

Learn more about Battle Zombies NFT through their website.