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Teleport Adding More Flair to NFT Minting and Collecting

It seems that blockchain experts and token creators are barely scratching the surface of NFT innovations as new ideas come out of nowhere every so often. One of the latest ideas to push the evolution of peer-to-peer and decentralized finance and artworks is Teleport, which introduces a social networking app dedicated to showcasing, trading, and minting non-fungible tokens. 

Teleport is a fast-rising NFT company with its own collection of 10,000 unique three-dimensional artworks already in the mix and ready to go out to its rightful owners. The growing community of Teleport NFT holders and collectors, called the Teleport Founders Club, has gained a lot of traction online for all the lined-up perks, rewards, and functionalities attached to these NFTs. For one, the Teleport NFT has functions within various metaverses. They have been on a steady rise since Meta (formerly Facebook) announced that it would be making advancements in creating metaverse applications. 

The Teleport Founders Club NFT also boasts a set of exclusive drops and capabilities that will enhance the avatars. The minted NFTs themselves will be the entry points to a mobile application where people can mint, trade, and showcase their non-fungible token collection. Teleport also introduces PORTALS, which act as the doorway to their fast expanding virtual world. These digital assets allow the users within the Founders Club to build and monetize various immersive experiences using 360° photos and videos on top of the live streams and Teleport’s software development kits. Other digital content will soon follow suit.

“Our Portal NFTs are 360 virtual MetaSpace environments that are created by Portal owners and can be monetized in many different ways,” shares one representative of the NFT creators. “Users can create an environment or experience and sell the whole portal, create an art gallery to display the NFTs they are selling, or host a 360 live stream of a special event and charge an entry fee, to name a few.”

The Teleport Founders Club NFTs, avatars that grant holders access to the app, will also become tickets to upgrades, yielding, and other features that could raise one’s valuation with time faster than traditional investments. “These avatars will be able to be used in our MetaSpaces as well as other metaverses such as Decentraland,” adds the company on the NFT usage. There are also plans to create games that players will earn from with every victory. The non-fungible tokens will become a central piece to that play-to-earn mechanism.

Non-fungible tokens and the metaverse have become some of today’s most significant headline innovations. Many people have built wealth at record speeds by investing in NFTs and metaverse real estate. These concepts are relatively new, but people are starting to pick up on the principles that run these blockchain technologies and see how they will become a part of our foreseeable future.

The first 200 mints of Teleport will come out twenty-four hours after the 200th THC gets minted by an owner. The rest will come out by December 31, 2021. The Teleport characters are based on cute 3D bunny characters with unique traits and characteristics that differentiate them. They also rest within the Ethereum blockchain network with the current minting price for the NFTs at 0.07 ETH.

Visit their official website, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about the venture. You can also join the community’s discussions on its dedicated Discord server and Telegram group. To purchase a Teleport Founders Club NFT, visit this website.

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