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SurfPunks NFT Drawing Attention to the Surfing World

Surfing is an agelong sporting activity that many people enjoy. While it is not exactly mainstream, many people and places take surfing as part of their culture and in places with an abundance of water bodies, surfing is a way of life. Enshrined in a world of its own, SurfPunks NFT features characters that give the surfing world some recognition and prominence.

SurfPunks NFT features 500 unique hand-drawn radical surfers, creatures and legends with a backstory for each of them. The creators set out to ensure each SurfPunk character has its own personality and voice that holders can relate with. Some of the SoftPunks in the collection are also likened to some of the most iconic figures in the surfing world and society. SoftPunks NFT has an impeccable design that reflects utmost attention to detail, and with NFT and cryptocurrency enthusiasts taking an interest in the project, the world’s attention is shifting to it.

The surfing community has never been represented in the cryptocurrency and NFT world before. This is the first time in history that the NFT community has merged with the surfing community. Owning a SurfPunk token gives holders access to the exclusive community, which features wave pools worldwide and exciting events. 

The first exclusive event for SurfPunks holders will be held in Waco, Texas, on March 21st at the BSR WavePool and Resort. Holders can surf on the man-made wave pool, experience live music by a special guest, eat food, engage in NFT chat, and even have a chance to meet some of their favorite surfers and icons.

“Our art like we mentioned before are all 1 of 1 pieces. It isn’t generative art and our artist drew every piece by hand to create unique characters with their own personality. Yes, they are pixelated but the attention to detail is uncanny.”

SurfPunks NFT aims to solve the lingering problem of many people not understanding what cryptocurrency and NFTs entail. A lot of people have no idea how investing in digital innovations translates into returns and benefits for them. Thus, SurfPunks NFT leads with in-depth education for its members about what cryptocurrency and NFT entail. Every holder of SurfPunk gets exclusive access to a thriving community where like-minded people get together to contribute to the surfing world with a valuable NFT token.

The team behind SurfPunk NFT has also created Crypto Surf League (CSL) to offer all the education members of the community need to understand future projects, surfing events and how the collection keys into the surfing world as a whole. 

Beyond the mission of providing an opportunity for the average person to invest in a digital innovation, SurfPunks NFT also promotes the ocean and people’s genuine passion for everything it represents. The collection has committed itself to donating a portion of its proceeds to the Mauli Ola Foundation, a nonprofit that gives people living with genetic diseases reasons to keep living. The foundation operates using the healing powers of the ocean, and SurfPunks aims to keep the good work it does going by providing charitable financial support to the foundation.

The first 500 have been sold out on the website, on the first day of minting. However, these NFTs are still available for minting at OpenSea. There’s also a second collection of SurfPunks in the works. This collection will prepare SurfPunks to live in the metaverse and will provide much more utility in the digital space. They are also gearing up for big partnerships.

Learn more about SurfPunks on the collection’s website. Also, follow on social media via Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

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