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Starlink Gets the Green Light to Operate in the Philippines

Image Source: Rappler

In an era where many people are looking for ways to earn a living while also being able to do what they love, it’s not surprising that entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk have found success. Recently news emerged about how the billionaire tech-founder has shifted his attention from electric cars and space exploration all in favor of bringing high speed internet services across Asia Pacific countries like the Philippines.

Starlink, a new satellite internet service that has been approved by the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for registration as Value-Added Service. The company is expected to provide high speed reliable access in contrast with existing providers who have diminished reputation because their cost and service quality are not up par anymore

The latest offering from Elon Musk’s SpaceX subsidiary will allow Filipinos more affordable speeds than what they’re getting now through mainstream carriers while still providing them ample bandwidth at affordable rates

The National Transmission Commission has given Starlink the green light to offer internet services in the Philippines! With their registration, it’s likely that we will see more of these high speed connections coming our way.

Quoting Bien Marquez of Quisumbing Torres, Elon Musk’s SpaceX counsel in the Philippines; he expressed his gratitude to NTC for its effort and commitment that accelerated Starlink’s VAS License.

“We would like to thank the NTC for issuing Starlink’s VAS license 30 minutes after we submitted our application with complete requirements,” said Marquez. “This shows the government’s seriousness in addressing the connectivity needs of our countrymen in unserved and underserved areas. This will also prepare us in the event of natural disasters and calamities.”

The arrival of Starlink in the Philippines is a step towards better internet services for everyone. The new company’s high-orbit satellite network will provide faster speeds and greater coverage, making it easier than ever before to stay connected with friends no matter where you are located within your home country or abroad.

Starlink’s deployment of more than 2,000 satellites has made it an Earth brightness® leader in North America and Europe. The company offers high-speed internet service with download speeds between 100MBPS – 200Mbps for customers who want reliable access at cheaper prices than traditional wired or wireless networks can offer them.

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