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Space Warriors Club NFT Giving a Peek into the Future of Video Gaming

The popularity of non-fungible tokens has soared beyond measure over the last few months . This is primarily due to the fact that this technological innovation cuts across numerous areas and ramps up utility in different ways. Space Warriors Club NFT is one of those NFT projects gaining strong grounds in the NFT world with its collection based on the video gaming world.

Typical of NFT projects, Space Warriors Club NFT infuses art into its collection, which is designed by a team of 6 designers led by Ilan Fitoussi, a professional artist who has worked with the biggest movie studios and brands like Disney (Lion King movie), Ubisoft (Tom Clancy game), Rolex, and Cartier, among others. Space Warriors Club NFT art is created using a two-step process that entails using Maya to achieve a high-quality design and a second step that exports the Warriors to Unreal Engine 5, where they are rendered in real-time to make them Metaverse-ready.

Space Warriors Club NFT transcends being just an NFT as the project operated on its own proprietary algorithm. The project is well-thought out and fully implemented with the best hands in charge of its execution. Space Warriors Club NFT aims to accomplish every gamer’s childhood dream, which is to build and create their dream video game without going through the hassles of coding or designing from scratch. These gamers also get access to some of the coolest art in the NFT/gaming space, giving them ample assets and all the entertainment they need in the growing Metaverse.

Getting the support of so many people within a short time does a lot to the level of optimism and enthusiasm people have for a project. And for Space Warriors Club NFT gaining 100,000 members on its Discord channel within 72 hours, hopes and expectations have shot through the roof. “The community is on fire and the art that we have created is insane,” Ilan Fitoussi said. “We have attempted to create a new perfect project coming with its own utility right off the bat. The direction is clear and our goals are not more achievable than ever.”

Space Warriors Club NFT has an interesting backstory and an extensive roadmap that gives holders exciting milestones to be a part of. Also, being one of the few projects made in Maya and randomly created in UE5 is a distinguishing factor that sets the project apart, thus making it unique, refreshing, and with a new approach as an NFT collection.

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