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SolSand Brings Play-to-Earn, Metaverse, and NFT Applications with Upcoming Mint Release

Times are radically changing as the digital revolution brings about a new reality that challenges today’s biggest status quos. Blockchain and cryptocurrency disrupted currencies and financial institutions, and now non-fungible tokens are quickly becoming the new collector’s items. Hoping to ride the wave of change and possibly even lead it is a new offer on the Solana blockchain called SolSand. 

Dropping on December 22, 2021, the SolSand non-fungible token is based on polygon-shaped minerals that stand for the building blocks of a new universe within a digital system. Five thousand of these artworks will go out to its owners in the coming days via a quick airdrop. While this is just the start of the upcoming release and community, the team behind the upcoming token has big plans for SolSand, aiming to make it Solana’s number one utility-based NFT before the year ends. 

The team of artists behind SolSand brings about a new concept. Though the approach is simple, it has never been tried before. Still, the art isn’t the central part of the SolSand offer. “Our primary focus is on the long-term utility that is connected to this project,” shares a company representative. “One of the things that make our art unique is that this is only the beginning. After that, we plan to launch a full augmented reality metaverse that will take the early two-dimensional art and transform it into an evolutionary three-dimensional interactive world.”

The metaverse conversations have been a staple in tech news channels and other prominent outlets. All this began when Facebook announced that it would be rebranding the whole company to Meta and focus heavily on developing the metaverse, an extended reality filled with all kinds of applications. Even before this release, the concept for a metaverse had already crossed the SolSand team’s mind. They have started promoting their upcoming offer as they begin to develop what they call the SolanaVerse, a whole new reality in the blockchain ecosystem that extends people’s imaginations while building up their net worth. 

The SolanaVerse will start as an NFT drop but quickly expand. It’s native token $VERSE is currently in development, which will operate much like $MANA does on Decentraland. By minting SolSand NFTs, holders will automatically have ownership of virtual real estate within the SolanaVerse concept. Moreover, they will start earning $VERSE tokens over time. What this means is that people will earn more the earlier they enter the ecosystem. On top of that, the team will also launch a play-to-earn game within their metaverse that will reportedly be a mix of Axie Infinity and Pokemon concepts. SolSand ownership will be the main ticket to access many of the exciting things to come.

Non-fungible tokens have radically formed the way people experience art and reality. And by opening up the SolanaVerse, SolSand NFT hopes to push that concept into the future further and lead people into a new world of opportunities. 

Learn more about SolSand NFT by visiting the project’s official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and Twitter or joining the project’s Telegram group and Discord server.

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