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SolantisNFTs Are Changing the Game

Cryptocurrency has come with its thrills over the years, and many of them have sprung up over the years. Solana is one of the newer ones, and very recently, it has attracted some attention in the cryptocurrency world. Two of the reasons Solana has gained attention are its low gas blockchain and ultra-fast mode of transaction. In addition, it has proven to be a highly reliable coin, and in the blockchain world, it has moved to the forefront.

Founded in 2018, Solana has grown by over 300% in the last few months and is now the seventh-largest cryptocurrency with a whopping $48 billion market cap. It has surpassed both Dogecoin and Polkadot, and by the day, more and more people are hopping on its wave. The recent success that Solana has seen comes from its wide adoption and cutting-edge technology in its use. Having extremely low transaction costs with a swift untouchable speed has earned Solana the nickname “Ethereum killer.” And in a world where everyone is flocking towards NFTs, it’s not surprising that Solana marketplaces are getting all the attention. The Ethereum blockchain has been seen to be extremely slow with its processing speeds while charging high transaction fees, which has prompted many crypto enthusiasts to look for alternatives.

With the Solana wave going strong, R&B singer Tory Lanez has shown his support for the rave for Solana. Also, projects like Solantis NFTs are leveraging the Solana boom. Even though Solana is still relatively young, it is geared up to be the alternative to Ethereum. Many crypto enthusiasts are lining up to snatch up SolantisNFTs to get on the Solana train early enough. Solantis has also been described as the Pokemon of NFTs and may very much grow beyond everyone’s wildest dream in a short time from now.

SolantisNFTs already has its own storyline, which is inspired by ancient Greek Mythology and civilization, starting with Atlantis. According to SolantisNFTs’s head of marketing, Hank, “Two months ago, we started building around this idea of being the first NFT project to develop and tell an entirely original storyline successfully.” The project aims to get many people to key into it, help it grow, and rise to the top of the curve in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT world.

Learn more about Solantis and the first collection, “The Sharks Of Solantis,” on the official website or follow the project on Instagram and Twitter

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