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Sixteen-Year-Old Crypto Trader Denis Seleznev Shows His Talent through His Latest Platform

A teenager from London has a big vision for the crypto world, as he gets closer to starting his own very much anticipated Web 3.0 platform. His strong belief in crypto changing the world is seen in his thought-provoking vision of the future and the picture of how we all might live and collaborate online. 

Denis Seleznev, who was born in Russia but raised in London, is a big believer in the future applications of Web 3.0. He is intent on dispelling rumors about Web 3.0 and being at the forefront of its unfolding over the next few years. As a believer in blockchain technology, the innovator has already grown modest sums of money pooled together from friends into a growing series of investments on the nascent crypto market through strategic trades on assets such as Bitcoin, Solana, and Fantom, while studying in school.

Seleznev, the young visionary, first became aware of the massive potential of crypto finance four years ago. “I was twelve during the 2017 Bitcoin bull run. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. Researching, studying, showing up at conferences and teaching myself to trade,” he recalls. “It struck me that people could become freer. Use their own money, be their own banks. Communicate without censorship – truly be themselves online. The principles Satoshi Nakamoto outlined in the original Bitcoin white paper.”

With a sharp and strategic mind, a healthy interest in economics, and a risk appetite,  Seleznev eventually turned his focus from leveraged trades to give more attention to blockchain applications, which have the potential for more ambitious milestones. In addition, he has committed to going all-in on the metaverse concept. In this unique virtual reality, many brilliant tech thinkers believe we’ll all be spending more time in the future.

Seleznev’s new platform will be coming out later this year. It features arguably the most user-friendly interface on the market and will be called Deedy, a wordplay of the word “deed,” which means “ownership.” This project symbolizes his firm belief that ownership is the foundational concept behind NFTs and Web3.0.

One of the critical features of Seleznev’s plans for his upcoming platform is to merge DeFi—decentralized finance—and NFTs into next-generation financial products. Just imagine the collateralized loans based on NFTs or mechanisms to borrow or rent NFTs peer-to-peer. Another unique feature of this platform is the trading of digital real estate. 

When asked about the reason for these features, he says, “The goal is to introduce much-needed liquidity to the space, something NFT enthusiasts have been talking about for a while now.”

Seleznev shares that his hero is Vitalik Buterin, a fellow Russian-born crypto entrepreneur and the founder of Ethereum. Interestingly enough, Seleznev’s brilliance as a trader makes him stand out in the industry, but he doesn’t believe in the pure pursuit of wealth in this season of his life.

“At the moment I’m sixteen, I’m still ideologically driven,” shares Denis. “My goal, for now, is to increase participation in the cryptocurrency space.” The brilliant young trader aims to do this by lowering the barrier to entry, so anybody can utilize the potential of cryptocurrencies, for business, fun, and self-expression in a democratic space rooted in the immutability of the blockchain.