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Sima Collezione Drapes the Modern Woman in Bold, Colorful Fabrics

Nothing sparks confidence more than a well-cut high-quality fabric ready to paint the colors of tomorrow. Ready to accompany the modern woman on her way to change the world, Sima Collezione was created with the mission to empower by creating bold and vibrant dresses to complement the inner beauty and light within each woman.

For the past 50 years, creative Sima Azadegan has been walking towards this moment, and now she’s ready to tell her story. “Throughout many years, I went through an inner journey of my own consciousness,” she shares. 

“Every breath that I took and every experience that I went through helped me grow to become closer to my true identity. Every hardship and struggle was a sure sign of an awakening of my soul and helping me to become closer to my true purpose and mission in life.”

Finally, finding her voice and passion, Sima Azadegan paints the world with the confidence of thousands of women. Through game-changing cuts and vibrant colors, Sima clothes her clients in high-quality armor and inspires them to win their battles with strength and perseverance.

“We can all go after our dreams and make a difference in the world,” the fashion-forward entrepreneur says, “As they say, we are all born to carry out a mission and follow a dream. We have a responsibility to carry it out in order to become one with the universe.”

As Sima sees it, no one said the responsibility couldn’t be carried out with style. Featuring varying sizes and cuts to embrace walking goddesses with sophistication and comfort, Sima Collezione is bringing back class, integrity, elegance, and refinement.

Clothing the modern woman with success, the collection showcases 50 haute couture designs called Dream Dresses, which Sima Azadegan has personally created. As if a vision comes to life, the dream dresses carry the distinct, European flair with a charm as timeless as the solid colored fabrics it is made of.

A beacon of hope for those yearning for a much deeper meaning of life and looking to reinvent themselves, Sima Azadegan made sure to use specially crafted jewels and other embellishments on her designs to help women shine their inner light within.

The unique and ethereal look of Sima’s designs, like nothing before it, manifests the long-awaited release of her creativity and carries the realization of a newfound dream. Encouraging the realization of dreams everywhere, the talented entrepreneur’s collection draws inspiration from nature’s positive forces – love, compassion, integrity, peace, light, charity, and human kindness.

Producing ripples in the fashion world and beyond, Sima Collezione is a brand of heart and soul that drapes more than just modern women prepared to dominate the scene but cloaks women in need with warmth through its charity. With every sale the company rings up, Sima Collezione will help one of its philanthropy’s beneficiaries. 

Take on the world and paint tomorrow with the bold, empowering colors of Sima Collezione. Learn more about Sima Azadegan, the entrepreneur and creative behind the game-changing fashion line, by visiting her collection’s official website. Connect with her through Instagram and LinkedIn.

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