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ShibaDoge Token Changing Lives and Bringing a Community Together

Deflationary tokens have been the latest craze in the blockchain world. That is a cryptocurrency where the supply decreases over time, as value of the tokens increase. ShibaDoge is one great example that rewards its holders with 5% reflections for every transaction. This means that the token provides passive income to anyone who holds it. The ShibaDoge ecosystem is compelling because holders not only receive passive income for holding tokens, but they can also receive tokens for staking their NFTs. 

The developers of this powerful token aim to help people live with security, and their community has given a lot of people a sense of purpose. They have created something truly meaningful and valuable for the people of decentralized finance. Their desire was to build a community that is not interested in fighting, competing, or destroying each other. As a result, they have created a community of people who now see that decentralized finance is all about love and coming together for the good of the world. The team firmly believes that this is the formula for the growth and development of the human species.

There are five developers of this project. They are all real-life friends who are early investors in Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. The developers do not enjoy the animosity between these two great communities they reside in. Therefore, they created ShibaDoge with the hope that they could not only bring the Shiba and Doge community together, but the DeFi space as a whole.

“Having seen the incredible growth of both of these tokens, I have seen the emergence of a complete divide between two communities that are pursuing the same thing. It makes me incredibly sad to see that these two communities, who essentially were started for the same purpose, fight each other. I believe that working together, as I have seen so often with the communities I have been a part of, can create more value for everyone. I simply can’t understand the purpose of two beautiful communities fighting each other for the sake of reigning supreme,” says Peter, one of the developers of the ShibaDoge token. 

They have two sets of NFTs in their roadmap. First is the Doge Army collection, which consists of  10,000 NFTS. This collection has fully sold out and is available on Opensea. They gave away a Tesla Plaid to a community member that minted the one of one Elon Musk NFT form the Doge Army collection. The second set of NFTs is called Shib Army. This collection of 10,000 NFTs is set to release in the next 1-2 months. A unique feature of these NFTs is the ability to breed the Doge Army and Shib Army NFTs to create an additional ShibaDoge NFT. The utility of the ShibaDoge NFT is not yet announced, but expected to be extremely valuable.

The NFTs are essential to the ShibaDoge ecosystem because the NFT holders will be able to stake their Doge Army and Shib Army NFTs on their staking platform. This means that they will be able to receive passive income daily in ShibaDoge tokens from staking their NFTs. The developers have mentioned that this staking platform is currently under a Certik Audit and release date has not been announced yet. With passive income from holding tokens and the ability to stake Doge Army aan Shib Army NFTs, ShibaDoge has created a sustainable ecosystem that aims to provide long term financial benefits to its community members for years to come. 

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