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ShibaDoge Set to Send Elon Musk to Space in the Biggest Charity Event in DeFi History

ShibaDoge is set to unleash the dogs, sending Elon Musk to space in what is shaping up to be the biggest charity event the DeFi space has ever seen.

Unity and memes: that is the vision that inspired ShibaDoge, a young cryptocurrency that is preparing to send Elon Musk into space! More specifically, what inspired the team behind ShibaDoge was the power of bringing together decentralized communities for the greater good and longevity of the DeFi space. And with what this team has in store, it looks like they are doing exactly that! 

ShibaDoge has successfully brought together 3 would-be rival cryptocurrency communities in a joint charity mission to send Elon Musk to space! The team has created a 3D printed miniature Elon Musk figurine, dawning the ShibaDoge logo. For this charity event, they’ve teamed up with 3 soon to be announced MAJOR cryptocurrency partners, where they will be raising money for a children’s charity and maybe trying to grab the real Elon Musk’s attention in the process as they have partnered with SpaceX influencers to cover the event! But who exactly is ShibaDoge, and how have they started getting so much attention?

Shibadoge was created by Shiba Inu and Dogecoin whales, working together in an effort to end the crypto tribalism culture. The hypothesis being that when memecoin giants and rival cryptocurrencies Shiba Inu and Dogecoin unite, big things can happen. As it turns out, their hypothesis was right. The notion of unity and working together for the greater good of one another and the DeFi space as a whole had struck a chord with (in the beginning) a small but highly dedicated community of holders that has been ever expanding since their stealth token launch on December 24, 2021. The movement towards unity and longevity that this team started has gained tremendous momentum, growing an increasingly strong and dedicated community base at a whopping 100,000 individuals across all socials and steadily growing.

The young token has gained serious attention with its vision of unity and it’s clear they take this mission seriously. It seems they’ve caught the attention of some pretty major players in the industry. This space event is shaping up to be one of the biggest events the cryptocurrency space has yet to see.

If you missed Shiba and you missed Doge…don’t miss ShibaDoge.

More information can be found on ShibaDoge’s website and NFT staking website. They are also on Twitter and Instagram.