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Shawn Fair Launches the Leadership Experience Tour, an Empowerment-Driven Platform for Speakers

The globally acknowledged leader in the motivational speaking and training space Shawn Fair spearheads Fair Consulting Group as it introduces the Leadership Experience Tour, a platform dedicated to aspiring speakers. Highly recognized as the only platform in the country that bridges budding speakers with industry elites, it allows them to take center stage so they can share their insight-rich stories of success and inspire those who are pursuing development in their personal and professional lives. 

Shawn Fair, the creative mind behind this excellent avenue for growth, stands at the helm of numerous ventures and empowerment-driven initiatives. He is an expert in multiple areas, such as corporate leadership vision, consultation, business development, and coaching, and takes credit for the rise of countless individuals. 

Armed with his distinctive approach to engaging, motivating, and inspiring people, Shawn Fair now wields his considerable power and influence to allow other speakers to capitalize on the stage he has built over the years and create their own esteemed standing. 

This household name takes pride in the scale of Leadership Experience Tour as it will involve an in-person and live audience whose numbers will range from 2,000 to 5,000 people, all eager to take in life-changing knowledge. Speakers who will be chosen to appear in the program will be on the receiving end of constructive feedback intended to enhance their presentation and performance. 

At Leadership Experience Tour, speakers who will grace the platform are assured of getting paid speaking opportunities. Strategically designed to propel them toward the limelight, the speakers’ video footage will not only be featured on a full-page Speaker’s Magazine write-up but will also be highlighted in the Leadership Experience Tour promotional video. Additionally, they will be able to see themselves and their professional action shots on a 6.5-foot retractable banner to be posted at the big event, and their names jotted down in write-ups by publications, including New York Weekly, New York Wire, and the Chicago Journal. 

Believing in the plethora of talents worldwide, Shawn Fair is opening Leadership Experience Tour to speakers from different parts of the globe. Anyone looking into jumpstarting their careers or cementing themselves even further is guaranteed to bank on the position of growth and great viewership that Shawn’s brainchild offers. 

Boasting a reach of over 250 million, Shawn Fair is bound to provide speakers with an astounding degree of exposure that they have never experienced before. Furthermore, as he plans to ramp up visibility through his new digital TV platform called the ShawnFair channel available on Roku, Onstage Plus, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and on iOs in 2021, this acclaimed powerhouse can ensure an even wider range of opportunities for speakers. 

On top of the Leadership Experience Tour, Shawn Fair is committed to launching more strategic and one-of-a-kind initiatives in the future. On a mission to lend speakers a hand to get their brands up and running, he aims to bring to life several visions that focus on the empowerment and growth of others. 

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