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Shark Tank Investor Kevin Harrington Breaking Through the NFT Space with The Whale Maker

NFTs are the latest blockchain invention to help collectors, entrepreneurs, and investors worldwide. Many artists and investors have made thousands or even millions of dollars through digital decentralized artwork contracts. NFTs are attached artwork that mimics a digital card or artwork but holds unique value. This is why Kevin Harrington, the original shark on “Shark Tank,” has delved into the industry by being part of The Whale Maker team. His partner for this project is booknerd.eth, a leading investor in the blockchain and NFT Space.

Kevin Harrington’s latest venture, The Whale Maker, introduces a new non-fungible token (NFT) collection that features artwork that draws inspiration from the majestic Whale Shark. The collection of 1,000 NFT’s looks to break through the market and reach unprecedented growth. Kevin and the team believe that the NFT collection will also be the future of finance by providing high-quality investment opportunities to those looking for funds. 

On top of his appearances in the top-tier business pitching reality show, Harrington is a highly-respected businessman in various industries. He has over 1,000 products across his various business investments and ventures and has penetrated 100 countries and counting. All in all, his companies have reached over $6 billion in sales globally. Now, Harrington looks to become the latest top-level investor and entrepreneur to break through the NFT scene. 

One of the unique parts of the NFT offer is its upcoming P2E business project called “The Whale Guild,” which will run within the POD decentralized autonomous organization. It will also give people access to what the team calls the “POD DAO LaunchPad,” a DAO-based funding platform that will crowdfund startups and ventures in exchange for stakes in the business— much like a “Shark Tank” within the NFT network. The founding team includes entrepreneurs and experts like Roger Bryan, Richard Lorenzen, Brian Harrington, Brandon Adams, and legendary game master Marie Monteclaro. Overall, the founding team shares over $500 million in net worth. Their track record in starting businesses and creating innovative Web3 applications and business investment opportunities makes The Whale Maker one of the most reliable projects in the ecosystem.

The Whale Maker NFT collection is poised to change the way we interact with NFTs online. The company behind the NFT also introduced a whole roadmap of functionalities, exclusive community rewards, and rare NFTs that will give selected holders founder rights and profit-sharing. The Whale Maker’s team often shares how the NFT takes inspiration from The Whale Shark.  “The Whale Shark spends its days hunting in its Alpha Pod for the perfect project to devour,” shares the company website. “It spends its nights counting Ethereum in the depths of the Open Seas. This rare marine animal also has the power to change the destiny of all who embrace its power and wisdom.”

The NFT collection will drop on January 15, 2022, and its value will start at 0.5 Ethereum per token. 

Learn more by visiting the project’s :  Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram 

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