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ShareYourself Launches New Platform That Empowers People to Share Directly to Recipients

Countless well-meaning individuals around the world are constantly looking for ways to be able to extend help to communities that need it the most, and in most cases, they course their help through nonprofit organizations. Creating true social change, however, is quite difficult to achieve by subscribing to the nonprofit model. Studies show it is not as effective as most donors expect them to be. ShareYourself is making it a lot easier and faster for donors to extend their help to concerned communities by removing the middleman and allowing them to go directly to the recipients. This approach connects people, results in good work, and gets things done the soonest time possible. 

In 2020 alone, Americans gave a record of $471 billion to charitable organizations, 80% of which came from individuals. Unfortunately, less than 1% of all nonprofit organizations are deemed effective, according to the effective altruism watchdog group Givewell. The reality is, only 52% of Americans are confident that nonprofit organizations will do what is right compared to 54% in the for-profit sector. The same survey shows that the percentage continues to decrease over time. 

ShareYourself is an open project management and social engagement platform that is uniquely developed to guide peoples’ success and support their intention to help change the world. The organization provides opportunities for initiators of social projects, including assistance with direct funding, grants, and partnerships. Apart from raising funds, ShareYourself also helps people stay on task, share their progress, and grow their respective teams. 

As a powerful social impact platform that intends to connect diversely-skilled people with the same intentions and vision, it is very instrumental in helping address the world’s greatest social challenges that remain unmet. By giving impact leaders the tools that they need in order to get things done fast, more and more communities can benefit right away in ways that could not be achieved through nonprofits alone. 

ShareYourself is able to successfully combine the modern crowdfunding model with a set of innovative and highly effective project management tools, including an open forum for potential collaborations. 

“It’s a centralized digital space for individuals to donate directly to changemakers, learn from them, and ultimately become changemakers themselves,” its creators shared. “Project leaders receive funds within two days of a user donating — ShareYourself will soon integrate their platform with the blockchain, shortening that waiting period to under two minutes.”

“In the traditional nonprofit model, money enters these organizations and goes through a lengthy, diminishing process before it’s distributed to people in need,” they added. “Middlemen earmark large amounts for their own paychecks and often distribute the funds to contractors with bloated fees. Not so with ShareYourself — their digital platform cuts out the middleman and empowers grassroots changemakers to be successful social impact leaders.”

There is a pressing need to stop tolerating a nonprofit model that is clearly failing in several key areas. ShareYourself is initiating reforms to speed up the process by getting much-needed help to recipients right away by simply removing the middlemen from the equation. Be part of the 7,000 other users who are currently working on 1,500 projects via ShareYourself’s effective and reliable platform.

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