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SadBoys NFT Leads the Charge in Raising Mental Health Awareness within the NFT Community

The past decade has seen technology progress and create new breeding grounds for the technology-savvy and creative-minded. By the late 2010s, the world had reached the epoch of technology with trends like cryptocurrency leading the digital charge to revolutionize society. In 2021, Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs have surged in the market, becoming one of the most talked-about trends in the digital landscape.

NFTs were initially developed around the same time as cryptocurrency, but it would take years before the tokens would reach the same heights as digital currency. Right as the year started, NFT has become the hottest prospects for crypto enthusiasts and the art community. As more tokens started appearing all over the market, more brands and artists took a chance, prompting even celebrities to dip into the trend. With the NFT community growing, developers have become more creative and have worked to create tokens with noble causes.

SadBoys NFT is one of the latest additions to the community. Founded by a team of sad boys themselves, the token strives to create a platform and community that not only raises awareness of the overwhelming burden of mental health and suicidal thoughts but generates revenue to help the distraught. 

“Our project is unique because have an emphasis on suicide and mental health awareness,” shared SadBoy, the owner and lead developer of the NFT, “We are planning on a $50k donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention upon mint sellout (we are already in contact with them and will confirm donation publicly to ensure authenticity).”

SadBoy is joined by a team that consists of Goofy, who specializes in marketing the project; FrostyStocks, the “hype man” of the group who always knows how to hype everyone up and keep the party going; and Krispi and GroovyG, the artists breathing life into the project. As a brand, they strive to reach out to adults who are going through hardships that nobody knows about. They created SadBoy NFT to create a safe space for people and let them know they are part of a community where they don’t have to be alone when the going gets tough.

“We want to help create genuine connections while coming out with an NFT art project with benefits and utilities alongside our growing community.”

The token utilizes a pixelated art style with a “sad” theme, utilizing the classic style to draw people’s attention and prompting them to research the meaning behind the works. While the NFT is set for a release this October, the SadBoy NFT team has been brainstorming additional exclusive features for holders. They have already laid plans to create an exclusive club that gives holders access to private mental health seminars. Additionally, they will be adding secondary art pieces that will be airdropped to holders, paving the way to a merchandise store that can allow members to spot each other in public. 

With a launch set for release in the next week or so, SadBoys NFT will be donating $50k to a suicide awareness charity as they strive to raise awareness. The team is optimistic about the outcome of their project as they strive to create a community that can uplift others from their overwhelming depression and dispel suicidal thoughts.

Learn more about SadBoys NFT by visiting their official website. You can also stay updated by following them on Instagram and joining their Discord channel.

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